Diana Viljevac


Fashion store e-commerce business generating 15 000 pageviews
in less than a month

After obtaining her master’s degree in textile and fashion design, Croatian designer Diana Viljevac
founded the brand that bears her name.

When talking about her brand today, it is the best to use her own words:


„The central theme of the brand is high quality production and materials,
as well as keeping up with latest trends yet always offering something new and different.“

In most campaigns, budgeting is the most essential part since the degree of creativity and functionality of any website depends mostly on the money you have invested in the project.

Before getting started, we sat down to do a brainstorming session and distinguished what actions should we take to align the current brand with newly developed and designed e-commerce site.

What the client asked for:

  • Option for online ordering
  • Possibility of paying with PayPal
  • Automatic loading of the Instagram gallery
  • Connection with the MailChimp newsletter service
  • Feedback section with customers’ comments
  • Link with social media networks and mobile application

How we incorporated the website with the brand’s identity?

Our client has a scope of fashion products – bags, jumpsuits, dresses, coats, and other special editions in the same manner. Although our client gives a lot of attention to detail in her creations, she desired a minimalistic approach. Therefore, we decided to go with plan white background with few grey lines which were used for separating certain sections of the website. This clear style put everything in colour to the forefront.

Connecting other brand’s features

Since our client is operating in the industry where the visual aspect is crucial, we connected her social media profiles with the website. We dedicated a bottom of the page to other brand’s features, such as Facebook page, Instagram and Pinterest profiles, newsletter list, and mobile application.

Is the website shopping-friendly?

Along with numerous positive customers’ opinions, we also believe the virtual shop is very straightforward and simple for customers to use it as client wished for. On the top of the page, a visitor can choose from five different categories of clothing or simply select “all“ to see all offerings. Customers can sort results according to popularity, newness, and price. The results are showing in the sequence of four per page with captions below them which is saying the name of the product and its retail price.


In order to make selection easier for more loyal customers, we created different subpage called Campaigns. When coming to that subpage, one can choose from various collections of the brand, but also come back to the shop to search for the desired items.

Customers’ wishes are waiting for them

Wherever one go, a visitor can save all items in their wish list where they will wait for them and their decision to buy. The wish list button is present on every subpage the customers go to.


The other two subpages are about our client (as a designer) and contact form. In the same manner, the subpages have the same black and white contrast.

When talking about numbers…

God bless Google Analytics which allows us to show you the concrete figures concerning the website.


In the first month since the launch, the website gathered 1,915 users who generated 2,572 sessions and 14,394 pageviews. The average number of visited pages per session is 5.60.

Technologies we used:

  • WordPress CMS
  • WooCommerce integrated with PayPal
  • Responsive design
  • Mobile availability
  • Optimization of speed
  • SEO & Analytics
  • Mailchimp newsletter
  • Wishlist

How does the page now look like? Check it out for yourself here.

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