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Foto equipment promotion through website

Fovis Studio is a company which provides services such as photography and video shooting, photo editing and various marketing assistances. With over 15 years in professional photography, their aim is to broaden the number of users of their services with an outstanding showcasing of their previous work.

Corporative events, weddings, presentations, commercials – you name it! Fovis Studio does it all, and it is in HD quality. Nonetheless, they offer diverse equipment such as drones, cranes, steadycams and many more!


With a new website, their main goal was to present their work to their existing and potential customers in a completely new manner! One cannot take a look at their work and not fall in love with how amazing that work is.

Our objectives:

  • Create a clean portfolio section
  • Improve user experience
  • Implement mobile friendly technologies
  • Provide relevant information within the most logical area
  • Provide easier access to their services
  • To introduce Fovis team to the potential customers
  • To provide a new promotion channel for photographic services
  • Create a „call-to-action” web design

How does the website look?

What has been accomplised with creating a new website?

  • Simple and clear design
  • The most important is navigation which consists of Homepage, About Us, Gallery, Clients, Contact
  • Homepage showing their most important work
  • Feedback section showing comments on their work

Website aims to show the previous work made by Fovis Studio, and encourage potential customers on interaction and inquiries. Navigation follows the most logical sequence, starting from their work shown on the hompeage, which takes you to more information in About Us section, and Gallery.


There is a special section with references and the list of clients, and finally, Contact with information about their headquarters, email address and a phone number, as well as email form.



  • WordPress CMS
  • Responsive design
  • Mobile avaliability
  • Optimization of speed
  • SEO & Analytics
  • Content strategy

Finally, if visitors like what they see on the website, the final part shows the most significant references and the email form.

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