Mlakar Viličari

Mlakar viličari

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The company Mlakar Viličari is a general representative of Jungheinrich forklift. Also, it offers a solution for all tasks of loading and unloading, transport, storage of goods and commissioning.

The company Mlakar Viličari is one of the leading companies in Croatia. The company is operating since 1977, and the founder is Mr. Ivan Mlakar.


Apart from administration and sales service center located in Bestovje, the company has their outlets also in Osijek and Dugopolje. They own a fleet of 19 service vehicles that cover the whole Croatian territory.


This is a company that has loyal customers and users, and it was necessary to adjust the content of the website to their needs, helping them to find the desired product.

This is how the website looked before:

Our Objectives:

  • Improve customer experience
  • To facilitate the sales process and finding a service
  • Simplify the application process of failure
  • Make a responsive website in accordance with the new Internet technologies

What have we accomplished?

Products and services are allocated to the subpages. Also, products like forklifts are isolated in style of web shop (except the prices, buyers can request an order).


Under the heading “About Us” we included a photo gallery, news about the company, showed the location of branch offices and which are business partners. In accordance with the client, we have singled out “Service / application of a failure” as a service that users are typically looking for.


So, we created a clear and content-rich website which has a recognizable style. The site is optimized for all devices and allows users  to get all necessary information on a quick and easy way.


Also, it is possible to monitor the website growth using Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.

Technologies that were used:

  • WordPress CMS
  • WooCommerce for the product presentation
  • Responsive design
  • Mobile availability
  • Optimization of speed
  • SEO & Analytics
  • Gravity Forms
  • Content Strategy
  • Photo Express for Google

See the new website of the company Mlakar Viličari.

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