National Cancer Control Programme

National Cancer Control Programme

National cancer control program is a public health program designed to reduce the number of cancer cases and deaths and improve a quality of life of cancer patient. That can be done through the systematic and equitable implementation of evidence-based strategies for prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment, and palliation, making the best use of available resources.

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia initiated this program in cooperation with the Institute of Public Health, hospitals, and health centers.

The main goal of the Facebook page is to raise awareness among women and men about the existence of the diseases, in particular, breast cancer, colon cancer and cervical cancer. Additionally, the goal is to relate the target groups with a preventive examination that can detect the disease at an early stage when there are increased chances for the cure.


What we wanted to emphasize by using Facebook page:

  • Giving advice
  • Providing relevant information to a broad audience
  • Social benefits: concern about the general health of the population of the Republic of Croatia
  • The diversity of Facebook posts related to the functioning of the institution itself, but interesting to the universal and broad audience
  • Informative and relevant content can raise awareness about the importance of preventive examinations.
  • Men and women need to recognize how can they take control of their life and take action in time in order to avoid bigger problems in the future.
  • Taking care of health is important not only for people who are already sick but also for other people near – it is necessary to increase awareness and solidify existing attitudes about prevention programs.


  • Using the “Notes” options as a substitute for a blog and giving advice instead of long Facebook posts
  • Using better way of cross-referencing from the official website.
  • Advertising to targeted groups and expanding the base of followers on the page.
  • Increased connectivity, monitoring, and transmission of the news from the county’s branch.
  • Engaging experts in the field of health in order to fill an advisory role on the page.


After we started managing Facebook page, post enagagement has increased by 25% compared to the previous month and the number of likes by 82%.

25% enagagement

82% page likes

Besides increasing likes on the page, we achieved greater interaction with users.
Users respond positive, sharing their experiences and giving support to those who are currently dealing with a disease.


We managed to put emphasis on preventing cancers and detecting cases early so that they can be cured, and provide as much comfort as possible to patients with advanced disease.


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