Integrate Throwback Thursday Into Your Business

Leona Slatković Harčević

Throwback Thursday hashtag is now everywhere and you’ve probably noticed it if you are actively involved in social media. Explore some of its meaning in this blog post.

For those of you who are not familiar with this trend, the rules are simple. Every Thursday you should pick some old photo of your own choice that has a meaning to you (maybe you’re longing for summer or you are remembering good time you had two years ago with your friends) and post it under mentioned hashtag. Don’t post pictures you took recently – HubSpot explained nicely how old is old enough.

Okay. You figured out what is Throwback Thursday or #TBT, what next?




Know your audience for Throwback Thursday

Not all audiences are the same and your brand defined its targeted audience. You should know the preferences of your audience. If you’re still uncertain about this, we will comfort you – everybody loves old city and building pictures, actually, everything connected to somehow distant past. Throwback Thursday is about remembering all the good and fun times someone had with your company.

Share ‘behind the scenes’ photos from your office

People like to connect with brands, but they like to connect with people more. Show how people from your office work and how they are having fun. And then add retro effects to your photos. Be creative – people will love it!

Why not advertising in Throwback Thursday fashion?!

If your business is old, people would love to see what your brand looked like. If your business is new, fear not: you can always take an old and recognizable icon from history and re-make it. After that, the sky is limit – add more hashtags for your campaign accompanied by #TBT and wait for people to react.



There is plenty of tips and tricks, but the main one is – don’t be afraid to explore. If you need help, contact us! 

Leona Slatković Harčević

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