Promote Business While Learning Ways Of Politics

Leona Slatković Harčević

Lately, in politics, parties are working to promote themselves on social media even more than before – and you can do that with your business, too. Why not promote business while learning ways of politics? Political marketing is a fundamental part of their campaigns and life. These battlefields are the same: they are oriented on followers and likes – the more you have, the more your voice is spread among the community. This field is very new and dynamic, but you can learn a lot from it. We bring some tips and tricks for you to focus on.

Follow your business opponents


Whether you are an agency, brand or PR expert, from time to time you need to watch on your business opponents. Watch how they are doing their job – from design, posts, campaigns to human resources part. Don’t forget to watch how they followers are responding – from likes and comments to mentioning their company outside social media space. The grass may be greener in their yard, but that does not mean that you cannot have it, too!

Create a politics-like narrative


How do you want to be recognized? You can choose that. Political parties usually create stories and they make their own identity. You have that chance. Do you want to be cozy, pleasant or strict and professional? Remember that Obama’s fresh narrative made him the president of the USA. Don’t know how you can do that? We can help with that.


Direct Mail Strategy from


Even if you hate getting political emails on your doorstep or in your inbox, you have got to admit that this way usually works: you will talk about that (news)letter with your friends and they will spread the word. Newsletters today cost nothing but have a great effect on people interested in your brand. They are also easy ways to show that you care for your customers. Check some good tips from Udemy on this topic.

Think how to promote yourself in media


Try to be an active participant of the media world. Inform media regularly about your activities. The best way to do that is by creating a mailing list of all the relative media. Don’t focus on just one thing – be everywhere and put your brand’s logo in people’s mind.

Website is everything in business


It sounds strange, but if your website is interesting, the client will be attracted to your content and your products. Try to make it more user-friendly and fun, so customers can hang on it for more than 10 seconds. If you succeed at this, you already sold 50% of your story.

Leona Slatković Harčević

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