PR Business: Be Good At It, Listen To Professionals

Leona Slatković Harčević

PR (Public Relations) experts today are very popular and it takes years of experience for them to get to the top. Although represented as a medium between organizations and public, they are much more than that. They need to balance between good and bad, they need to be calm, professional, discrete and handle a crisis better than their bosses. They are mostly in conflict with company leaders since the benefits of their tactics are not directly and instantly visible.

What it takes to be good in PR business is subjective. Some get lucky, gain good jobs while others are always one step behind. Iliyana Stareva, Senior Channel Consultant at HubSpot wrote last year blog post about getting first PR job. She asked some of the experts on Twitter what is the secret of PR success and what is their advice for people new to PR business. We decided to take out three main things future experts should focus on.

Be visible and show your PR knowledge


Stephen Waddington from Ketchum gave simple advice. Every PR person should build their own network on Twitter, following different companies and business and show knowledge about the job you want so much. LinkedIn is a must-have and there you should show your portfolio in the brightest light possible, but without lies. Another must is a blog: write about what you read in books and/or the Internet and as a side effect you will learn even more about your field.




Pick your professional interests


Not all people are good in everything. If you think the sport is boring, don’t be a PR for the football club. Get your priorities straight, but also be involved in a current world and national news. Colin Byrne, CEO of Weber Shandwick EMEA, said that you should always take interested in current news, current affairs, and popular culture. Be the know-it-all and you could gain the bigger audience.


PR targeting at its finest


Rob Brown, president of Chartered Institute of Public Relations, advised future and now PR’s to find the places you want to work, investigate what these places are looking for and then be polite, but persistent. These are the qualities you should have while doing business anyhow, so why not start immediately with that tactic? The research will be the best way to include yourself into the world of big players where every step must be taken carefully. Another quality should be deadline respect – if you cannot fulfill something on time, you don’t belong to this world.


I hope we helped you in a decision! Do you want to be a PR expert?

Leona Slatković Harčević

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