Brilliant Interactive Marketing Campaigns

Leona Slatković Harčević

Could you use an inspiration boost? These interactive marketing campaigns will do the trick. The following companies not only engage but also wow consumers with creative, unique, and fully-interactive campaigns.

Interactive marketing is the new age of marketing campaigns. It’s how advertisers of the modern can catch the attention of this generation who are always on the move and don’t want to be bothered by interruptions. People of today want advertising to be an activity, something fun that can be a break from their day, not a pesky commercial that may or may not relate to them and just waste their time.

With interactive marketing, companies have the advantage of catching the customers off guard and attracting those who will actually buy their product because they are willing to participate in the marketing.

Marketing Campaigns Based On Humor

Humor and joy are two of the most important aspects of all (nearly) all interactive marketing campaigns. Humor influences the people’s behavior in a positive way; normally only the left hemisphere of our brains is activated – the side we use for logic, analyzing etc.

The right hemisphere is activated with emotional stimuli such as humor, so it makes sense that relaying information using comedy means that the information will not only be saved across both sides of the brain, but that the public will relate to the brand on a more personal, and memorable level.

Check out the selection of videos we have prepared for you to get a clear idea about the way to engage visitors to your site, discover what makes people talk, identify what will generate return visits, and most importantly, see with your own eyes the true value in creating engaging, powerful content.

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