Why WordPress is so popular compared to other tools?



The possibilities of using WordPress are enormous. If you want CMS (Content Management System) for any purpose – a gallery of photos or videos, presentation site for your business, shopping site, a social network, blog, landing page for one of your products or services – WordPress is a good choice.

You wonder why use WordPress or why cross on it with your existing web platform? WordPress is, according to some data, used by about 75 million websites worldwide.


Source: InkThemes



Here are some advantages, features, and functionality of web pages that are made in WordPress.

Benefits of using WordPress:

  • Easy to use. Most people using WordPress are not developers or IT specialists.
  • If you need to add some text or article, you don’t have to send it to a webmaster to do it because it is very simple. You can do it by yourself and on this way you are saving on maintenance.
  • Free – for download, use and modify.
  • You don’t need additional software to edit your web page. Editing can work with any computer that has an Internet access.
  • WordPress has the option of deferred publication of content. If you want to publish an article later, you can simply set a date when it will be released.
  • With WordPress, you can create websites with social network functions (publications, forums, groups, blogs ….).
  • WordPress is very easy to integrate with popular social networks. If you want to share your articles to multiple social networks, it will operate a single mouse click.



Possibilities on WordPress – upgrades and support:

  • For WordPress is built over 2500 topics and 31000 plugins. Because of that, you can very easily and quickly give your website a new look, or add any new functionality that already exists on the web.
  • WordPress is developed by a large group of volunteers who work on upgrades, answering questions, translate, write documentation, etc.
  • WordPress in itself has a built-in notification of needed upgrades the system or plugin and automatically upgrade them.
  • One of the great things about WordPress is a support for multimedia content: different formats of images, videos, music. This was built in compatibility with popular platforms, so, for example, you can easily publish a video to YouTube on your website.

The functionality of WordPress:

  • Web pages created in WordPress are very appreciated by Internet search engines so using this platform give you a great chance to reach the top of search results.
  • It’s simpler than with other software to do SEO (search engine optimization) – there are plugins that make it easy to optimize.
  • In the construction of WordPress, great attention was paid to safety

Do you know the difference between WordPress, WordPress.com, and WordPress.org?

People are often confused with these. WordPress is a software platform for CMS and WordPress.org is a community in which you can download a free version of WordPress. WordPress.com are commercial sites that offer WordPress service.

You are probably asking yourself – What do I need to create a website in WordPress?

You need a web domain and hosting. WordPress is free to download and install at a hosting provider, who are responsible for security updates and backups. You can do this by yourself or contact us with confidence to do it for you.

We hope we have been helpful in this short review. Now you can understand why WordPress become so dominant on the market. And maybe consider to using it?

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