Harry Potter: The Story About… Excellent Marketing

You have probably read or seen the movie about a fabulous world of Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling has done a marvelous job on writing seven books and took part in making the movie. It is an unflattering job to write everything from your head to paper and to make it coherent. Harry Potter’s wizarding world surely is one of the greatest sagas ever written, side by side to, f.e.,  Tolkien’s works.

Nonetheless, besides books and movies is thrilling machinery which made sure that everybody around the world would know about Harry Potter and buy products based on the book and movie characters. I am talking about marketing magic behind the screens and books. How did they manage to do this and what it can teach us? There are few tips which we can all apply to our everyday business.

Emotional involvement


The story is everything. Harry Potter offers us a touching story about an orphan who finally found purpose in his close friends. The story is about good and evil, about everyday struggles. With a touch of mystery, this story suits everyone – from kids to old people. Businesses you work for have interesting stories, and the main task of social media manager is to present the warm story to future and existing consumers. Business is such a cold word, but digital agencies are here to humanize it and to present it in the best light possible. Different social networks offer different tones of communication, adaptation is what you should master.



“Word-of-Mouth” and Buzz


Remember how you first heard of Harry Potter? Probably someone else told you? Your communication should be so good, that it makes people talk. While thinking about a new campaign for your client, you should always think: “Will people talk about it? Is it good enough?”. Online buzz was created when Harry Potter became interactive on all platforms. From then, the brand is focused on a fan base and it takes care of answering the questions in real time. That is what makes brand reliable and what people want – they want to know that they are name and surname, not just another number in page likes/followers section. These are the qualities that will make the buzz.




Harry Potter’s secrets and teasers


It is good when your customers know everything about you, but it is so much sweeter when you hold them in unknown territory. For example, every time something new is happening in a wizarding world, people behind the brand make sure to recreate mystery involved into the whole story and make people guess what is going on. This approach results with higher people reach and new page likes and a lot of positive feedback. Divide your information into little bits and pieces, and let them leak slowly. It will boot up the sales!



Meeting consumers expectations


When you finally succeed in collecting relevant followers, it is critical not to do any damage to the existing business or brand. Live up to your customer’s expectations and be true to your business philosophy. Remember that consumers build brands, not companies, so you should carefully listen what consumers talk about. It is certainly a good move to know firm standings of business you represent on various subjects. Do not deviate from your stance!




There is much more to say about Harry Potter – there are more than hundred books and studies written on this topic. We recommend the book Harry Potter: The Story of a Global Business Phenomenon by Susan Gunelius (Palgrave Macmillan, 2008).

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