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So many great things happened on Facebook last months! There are a lot of new features, but we selected only 5 of them, the most interesting ones:

NEW: Create Facebook Posts That Are Only Visible in News Feed

Facebook is busy testing out many new features lately. After Facebook Live with its features and new emojis, the newest option allows users to create posts that will not be published to their Timeline but can be found in News Feed and search results.

news feed

Hide from your timeline


So basically, once you share a post that you have decided to “Hide From Your Timeline” it will appear in News Feed and you can access it again through the new “Your Posts” menu option.


All your posts

All your posts

Notify a few friends about your posts

A new feature on Facebook allows users to “Notify a few friends” when they post something. So now you could simply type in the names of up to ten different friends in the field, to have Facebook notify them of your post. This feature doesn’t just apply only to the latest one, but also previous posts.


Notify few friends

Notify few friends


Now, users can make their posts even more relevant to specific friends, without mentioning them in the post itself.

Select friends

Select friends


This feature has just been spotted and hasn’t been officially announced yet, so we don’t know if it’s something that Facebook is just testing for a few users; or if it’s actually a feature that will be rolled out globally.

Video comments

Another cool feature is video comments! That’s right, you can use the power of ‘the moving image’ when commenting on your friends’ status updates.


Video comments

Video comments


The update is available on iOS and Android and some users see a pop-up notification which informs them about the feature. When responding to a comment, users can tap on the camera icon and select a pre-existing video or record a new one. On the desktop version of Facebook, users can only attach a pre-recorded video. It is not yet known if a recording option will be added at a later time.

360 Photos Are Coming To Your Facebook News Feed

Up until now, there hasn’t really been much use for panorama photos but now, Facebook will be allowing users to upload these for the whole world to see on its News Feed, but also to experience them through VR. The feature is coming soon!



Panorama photo

This is also great news for brands. If they were lacking the hardware to create truly immersive experiences with 360 video, now they can get creative with nothing more than a smartphone.

Facebook Live and new options

Facebook Live changed the way we produce media – in a matter of seconds, any of us can now broadcast live, without any other equipment other than a mobile device.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live


A few weeks back, Facebook introduced Live reactions and comments to Facebook Live helping broadcasters and viewers understand when a video is more engaging, as viewers fire up more Reactions.

Live Reactions and Comments

Live Reactions and Comments

And now, Facebook is using those reactions, to visualize when a live video receives the most engagement – when it becomes more interesting. The results are presented on an “engagement level timeline” shown to viewers when replaying a Live video, allowing them to skip the boring bits, and jump right in where the video gets interesting.

That’s not all! In its latest update, Facebook also added a cool new feature – the Continuous Live Video API which will now allow non-stop long-form broadcasting – up to 24-hours. The only downfall is that you will not be able to save, nor share this long video once the live broadcast is over.



Source: WeRSM


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