Why is WooCommerce the best choice to boost your sales results?

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For those who may not know, WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that provides user-friendly web store. Flexible and powerful as it is, it powers over 30% of all online stores with 1M+ downloads which are more than any other similar platform. One has to notice that it hit over 7M downloads so far.

Let’s see the advantages of WooCommerce:

You can sell anything, anywhere.

Whether you sell software, clothes or any other objects all shapes and sizes it is all possible with WooCommerce. You can even sell affiliated products from a marketplace.

Ship it wherever you want.

You can offer free shipping or flat-rate shipping, ship to a specific country or limit your shipments only to certain countries. There are numerous settings you can easily configure on your dashboard.

Payment methods.

It comes with features to accept all kinds of credit cards, PayPal., bank transfers and cash on delivery for accepting payments. You can also integrate other payment methods by adding extensions.

Geo-location support.

It uses geo-location to detect customer’s address in order to automatically calculate taxes. You control your store, whether it’s regarding taxes, inventory levels and customers’ accounts.

Stock tracking.

With intuitive UI you can easily manage your digital and physical products and handle day to day inventory management.

Build your databases.

There is a variety of extensions you can use and create databases that can help you in the sales process as well as set up marketing campaigns in the future. Figures like total sales, sales by date and other individual customer statistics presented via graphs are features you will definitely need no matter what you sell online.



So, we can conclude that WooCommerce is a great tool that can help you boost your online sales figures. After you integrate it with WordPress you will take full control over your online store and manage your products and customers with ease.

If you want to have easy-to-use, functioning webshop let us know, and we will create a web shop based on your preferences and your type of business.


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