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Facebook Messenger Bots: What are they and how to use them?

Bots are a new feature that Facebook announced earlier this year at the annual F8 developer conference. The idea was to mix Messenger with artificial intelligence, thus creating powerful bots that could potentially be used to order flowers, schedule meetings and even ask mathematical questions or play text games. They were introduced in April and tens of thousands of developers started building bots.

Then why aren’t we all using them yet? Well, the answer to this question is actually very simple – not many people know they even exist. They are relatively hard to find, but when found they can be very useful.

How to start using the Bots?

Facebook hasn’t made a full list of available bots, but we’re hoping they’re going to make one soon. Until then, some of the Facebook Messenger Bots can be found on a webpage called Botlist, which is explained as an app store for Bots.

Finding a Bot that can be of use to you is actually fairly simple. You go to the webpage and select one of the bots featured on the webpage. If you can’t find one you seem to like, there’s a list of all the „Categories“ located in the left column of the page. Some of the Bots found on the page can be used on Messenger, but others are Slack, Telegram, kik, Skype or web exclusive.

When you pick a bot just click on its name and when new page loads you will see a button that says „Use in Messenger“. Click on that button and your Facebook Messenger App should start a conversation with the Bot. After that, you should just follow the Bot’s instructions.

What can the Bots be used for?

There are many Bots available and you can use them for all sorts of things. Some of them we found the most interesting is the yours.MD Bot which asks you a series of questions to determine your medical condition. Use it if you suspect having the flu but aren’t sure of the symptoms. It will provide a lot of information you need.


Messenger Bot


The second one we liked is the Nerdify Bot that can answer your questions from the fields of geography, history, chemistry and even solve mathematical equations!




And the last, but not the least, is the QT Bot which is essentially a Facebook Messenger RPG game. The Bot tells a story, and you have to choose the next path of action and, hopefully, survive with your decision.


Messenger Bot

What do you think? Did we spike your interest? Download one of the Bots and share your experience with us!

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