What is so good about Social Media Influencer Marketing?



Have you heard of Social Media Influencer Marketing? Well, it’s not really a new thing anymore but more and more companies are using influencers to build their engagement with consumers. The whole idea behind social media influencers is to reach out to existing and new consumers using blogs, vlogs, social networks and other channels.


So, why would you as a company want to hire a Social Media Marketing Influencer? First of all, most consumers will rather trust a recommendation coming from an influencer than the content you promote in ads. Due to the fact that influencer marketing is all about building relationships between consumers and a brand, consumers are more likely to engage with a brand. Most of all, it looks more authentic if a real person is using the product and discusses its benefits.


How does it actually look? After you hire an influencer, he or she will mention company’s product/service on a social media network. It is expected to improve the brand awareness. Something like this:




It is pretty much very similar on any other social network. For example, Walt Disney World hired Mike Platco, a professional Snapchat storyteller who draws lots of views on his Snapchat profile. A great way to use call-to-action through social network!




We must consider the fact that the authenticity of influencer marketing is mainly based on a social proof of a real customer. In this case, it can be a picture or a video made by an influencer showing how he or she has been using a product and presenting their real experience with it. Basically, an influencer is a consumer of a product so other consumers might find influencer’s reviews more sincere than other marketing activities aiming to attract customers.


Besides that, we can also consider reviews and testimonials on a brand’s page as a form of influencer marketing. It comes directly from a consumer. Therefore it is highly authentic and others may rely on it. We have to notice that testimonials are almost as important as direct comments and opinions you get from your acquaintances. Hence, companies should not neglect them.


This is yet another confirmation of the importance of social media networks. It is all about the way you demonstrate your product and interact with consumers. ForgeBIT has recognized its importance and can help you communicate your products or services with fans and improve the engagement, and consequently boost your sales results. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.

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