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When Facebook introduced new ad format in 2014, advertising on social media platforms has switched its direction. Since then carousel ads are on the rise.

For the ones who are not familiar with carousel ads, they are ad formats which allow advertisers to show up to 5 images and/or videos, links, headlines in one post by rotating them within a single News Feed ad. Moreover, it represents a flexible, extremely engaging and fun way to tell the story or display products and key features of your business.

There are many ways of displaying your products and we will highlight the best ones just for you!



There is a misperception that you cannot showcase a single product by using carousel ads, but that is not true. Shoe brand TIEKS did it by showing on each card of the ad focus one aspect of their shoe. They used the headline copy to provide more context to each image.

This represents a great strategy when you want to promote a signature item that you really want to sell.






There are many options when it comes to presenting different products in one go.

The main rule connects with “opening” image which should always be the one which is the most appealing – the one people want to see. The viewer will only see part of the second image, but that should be enough to get an idea of what it is.

One of the easiest ways to keep your audience to curiously continue to swipe images is to split them.  Tesco Foods made it impossible for people to avoid carousel ad by doing exactly that, splitting the image of a delicious tandoor.






People want simple instructions, and if those instructions come with pictures, it is a win-win situation. Carousel ad is the perfect tool to increase product value. Fundbox knew that. They showed how simple it is to set up an account and get cash advances for outstanding invoices, yet they managed to reduce the waiting for payment from their clients.





Storytelling is always a smart tool to use when it comes to connecting with your customers and carousel ad is no exception of that. You can either share your brand idea or a story of how people have benefited from a product. Starwood Hotel told a story of emotions when you take a vacation in one of their hotels and take a dip in one of their pools.






We all want to show the world our brand and story behind it. Promotion of your line works perfectly together with carousel ad. By showcasing in the headlines the benefits of becoming an Uber driver, Uber created ad that impeccably attracts people to sign up as Uber drivers.




Facebook is constantly moving upwards in the ad world, and they did it again by introducing carousel ads. Being on the market for two years it turned out extremely effective, as a matter of the fact they drive up to 10 times more traffic than static sponsored posts on Facebook. With those five advices, we hope that we guide you enough to start your journey in carousel ads.


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