Content marketing

Why is Content Marketing relevant?

Content marketing


Content marketing becomes a crucial part of every marketing strategy. It needs not to be pushed aside anymore but used to make most out of every strategy. There are over 2 billion social network users worldwide, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Content Marketing is Important


Lots of companies are a bit skeptical over the relevance of content marketing. Partially, it is because of the fact that content marketing is still relatively new field for many companies. Also, it is somewhat difficult to measure its influence and benefits it does for a company.

Content marketing is carefully tailored to customers’ interests and needs. It describes brand’s personality and builds engagement of their audience. Those who ignore content marketing will on some point inevitably fall behind.

Everyone uses it, but not properly


Approximately 70 percent of business use practice some form of content marketing. Blogs, writing, and infographics are some of the often used mediums.

Still, it doesn’t mean that they use it as well as they could. Some of the concerns include how to measure ROI, how consistent should they post and which channels should they use.

Before companies start with their content marketing activities, they must realize that results will not reflect immediately into sales. Content marketing takes time, and its purpose is to create a deeper interaction with consumers.


Content marketing


Not only Millenials use Social Media


Even though Millenials dominate the Internet, members of every generation are present on social media and must be taken into consideration when creating a marketing strategy. The majority of adults are present on at least one social network.

In spite of all mentioned above, adults still favor traditional marketing strategies over social media. Nonetheless, it opens up a whole new world of opportunities and will take a different approach to involve adults and other segments in businesses’ social media marketing campaigns.

It’s not about selling products anymore


Social media marketing, and content marketing as a part of it, is not that much about selling products or services anymore. Rather than that, it’s about engagement, sharing stories, being and feeling involved with a brand, and feeling special about it.

Content marketing is customer-oriented and due to its targeting the specific audience, it is a form of marketing that people want to be affected with, and want to be part of it. Marketers need to create shareable and attractive content which will bring better, and a wider range of results for their companies.

Content marketing

Interactive Content


Recently, videos and infographic are broadly used, both when produced by companies or users themselves. The success of interactive content lies in the effectiveness of viewable content, which people much prefer over reading.

Interactive content, at its core, is a way to have a conversation with your audience. It is dynamic, powerful, and multifunctional. It has the ability to create noise, especially nowadays with a constant need for involvement.

Have you used some form of content marketing, and which form do you prefer the most? Tell us about your experience.

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