Why WordPress?



Over the past few years, WordPress surpassed the boundary of running 25% of the web. While it was recognized as a blogging platform in its beginning, nowadays it is used as a content management system, and one of the top choices for website owners.

Open source

As an open source, WordPress offers flexibility and freedom. It allows you to make decisions on upgrades and lets you choose the preferred plugins, the ones that fit your needs.

The whole ecosystem around WordPress is massively big. When it comes to innovation, more and more companies realize that an open source project such as WordPress can really keep pace with the rest of the internet.

A community to trust

If you use WordPress you will have access to the entire ecosystem which consists of developers, designers, and specialized agencies. There is most certainly a huge know-how and people are willing to collaborate and share their knowledge.

Since businesses will often ask themselves numerous questions, there will be no need to make these decisions on their own. If they want to make the site useful and professional, they can always hire experts. An agency or another kind of expert will use the ecosystem and provide all benefits to make your site significant.



Content editing


There is also the user-friendly content editor. Even though offering the best possible experience for the end user is imperative, an interface for editing content is truly making an impact on the quality of the content.

It will be an added value for your website, and if it’s well optimized, the website will provide the best possible experience. And consequently, it will attract more visitors.



Given the fact that so many websites run on WordPress, it is natural that it can be a target of some sorts of security exploits. However, WordPress core is secure, and the updated version never had any major exploits. The only real risk lies in plugins and themes, but doing your due diligence will make it much less severe.

It is important to be aware of all the bad plugins out there, and everyone should prefer to use plugins with professional reviews. There is always some advice online to be checked prior to using the plugin.



WordPress offers various plugins and themes but also code reviews, coaching, and infrastructure. Plugins can really help the website run smoothly. Themes can give your site the look you want.

Quality code is considered as the foundation of a well-performing site. There are cache optimization and infrastructure throughout the ecosystem that will improve its performance when the website reaches the big traffic numbers.





When a business is choosing a CMS, it must bear in mind that longevity is a crucial factor. WordPress is a perfectly wise choice for site owners who are forward-thinking and want to keep up with trends.

The implemented code will not break in the future. WordPress will ensure backward compatibility and also allow developers to customize the CMS more than before. The framework will do properly both as a blog and as content management system.

You have to know that the website is a real display of any business. It needs the best tools and technology. WordPress is here to stay and it makes it the answer to your needs.

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