Why do you need to know about DRIP campaigns?


Why do you need to know about DRIP campaigns?


Are you interested in creating great target email campaigns that will achieve your goals? Like many functions that you have on smartphones, you can create your smart email campaigns that will take actions accordingly to your target users. Drips campaign function as an automated set of emails that go out based on specific timelines or user actions. They enable you to stay in touch with groups of people based on events like when a user signs up for an account or how often that user visits your site. Each time a drip email is sent out, it comes from a queue of already-written emails—there’s no need to manually write and send each one. They can even be personalized with your contacts’ name, company info, and more.

Timing is everything


So, let᾿s explain how it works with an example. Imagine you have a fashion brand and somebody subscribes to your newsletter, a drip campaign will instantly send a welcome email right away that can include discount code that customer can use in your shop if you offered it on your web page. Two days later it can send an email with new products that will engage more potential customers to visit your shop or webshop. Also, imagine this situation. Your potential customer is often checking shoes at your web page so drip campaign can send them the trigger email with top 5 shoe recommendation that will motivate them to go to online shopping and make a purchase.

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Keeping up the good work


Drip campaigns work for you. They follow triggers and user metrics that you define. You create a content that you can use more times for different users and they send a clear message. So in practice, you will have users that will be more willing to engage and open your emails and fewer unsubscribes. The great thing is that you can create special, educational, thematic campaigns that will set your target groups, and reward most faithful users, creating a special bond that will ensure you have a permanently successful business.



Let᾿s start!

Drip campaigns are recommended to use in diverse industries and can be helpful in a wide range of companies. You can use it to improve your internal HR  relationships. There are a few important steps that are part of every successful Drip Campaign. So let᾿s start.

Follow these steps:

  1. Identify your target audience
  2. Craft your Message
  3. Plan out your Campaign
  4. Start your Campaign
  5. Evaluate and Adjust

You can create this Campaigns on different Apps like Drip, Customer.io, BomBomb, Vision6, Quickmail, SendWithUs, ConvertKit, Sendloop, Mailchimp, Vero, Emma and much more. Explore it and enjoy the end results.



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