Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has hit 2 billion active monthly users. In other words, Facebook has a huge audience with different interests and offers a wide pool of potential customers. In today’s world, it is an imperative for each business establishment to have its official Facebook Page.

However, no matter how often you post or how good the content is, Facebook’s organic reach is very low. On some pages that have a large number of fans it can be lower than 2%.

Facebook’s explanation for this is that there is content saturation. More and more people are producing content daily and Facebook users cannot absorb all of it.  Fewer people seeing your Page’s organic posts on Facebook means fewer clicks, comments, and shares. Ultimately this leads to fewer customers, conversions, and leads.

The best solution for your content to be seen are Facebook Ads.

forgebit-coverFacebook Advertising is pretty cheap compared to other advertising channels. You can boost your post for as little as $1 a day to receive bigger exposure. Also, Facebook offers different options for your ads, which makes them more efficient.


Facebook helps you segment your potential customers by precise targeting. You can create different target audiences based on their location, demographics, and interests. Imagine you are selling products that are specific to women ages between 25-34 that live in a particular city and are interested in healthy living. With Facebook Ads, you can target specific groups of people that are interested in what you have to offer. Can it get better than that?

Yes, it can. Facebook has many benefits when it comes to different options between which you can choose.

Marketing objective

Facebook Ads have recently become even more efficient. Now you can create ads based on your marketing objective. Whether you want to raise awareness for your brand, increase sales, or improve engagement on your Facebook Page, you can set it all up in Ads Manager.


When you create ads, you can choose where you want Facebook to show them. The places where your ads run are called placements. You can set them up manually or automatically based on where they will perform best. You can also set your ads to show on Instagram, both on Feeds and Stories. The latest addition to Facebook placements are Sponsored Messages. They appear in Messenger and can only target people you have an existing conversation with.

Other than a lot of possibilities for creation and delivery of your Ads, Facebook gives you a great deal of data you can analyze to improve your business.

Here are Facebook’s tools for doing that.


For each Page, you manage you have two tools to track data. One of them is Insights which will give you an overview of reach, engagement, and clicks on your posts. It also shows demographics of your Facebook Fans.

The other one is Analytics which offers a deeper look into your target audience and their relationship with your Page. You can find it in your Business Manager.


Facebook Pixel allows you to track actions users take after viewing your ads. It not only tracks conversions but also helps you with optimization and remarketing. Additionally, you will be able to measure ROI more easily. All you need to do is set up Pixel on your website and after that, you can track conversions in Business Manager.

Split Testing

Similar to A/B testing, Facebook’s Split Testing lets you test different versions of your Ads. It tests ads on different audiences, compares different delivery options, and gives you all the results. That way, you can optimize your ads for the best results.


Considering all the benefits that Facebook Ads have to offer it would be a big loss for your business to miss out on them. Begin with this guide and learn how to set up your Facebook Ads to benefit from them.

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