Content Writer vs. Copywriter – What Is the Difference?

The difference between a content writer and a copywriter might confuse a lot of people at first. Although it may seem they do quite a similar job (seeing as they both are a writer of some kind), they’re actually different and require a completely different set of skills needed to get the job done properly. Both content writers and copywriters are a crucial part of making your business do well and grow. The main difference lies in the purpose of the job or the goal they’re trying to achieve.


To put it simply, a content writer is a person who writes content – as simple as that.

A content writer’s goal is to get the reader familiar with the brand. It gives information to your audience and raises awareness for your business. Their goals are to entertain or educate the reader about whatever it is that they’re reading about.

A content writer’s job might include writing blog posts, articles, newspaper pieces, magazine features etc. Being a content writer is more of a journalistic job. The posts are in longer forms and often quite detailed.

These are the top 5 skills you need to develop if you want to be a successful content writer:



Each form of writing has its own style. You need to be able to adapt to different topics and different styles of writing. If you’re doing a blog post you can have a bit more freedom to be laid back and subjective, while white paper usually urges you to be objective and factual.



Give your audience what you think they will like. Get to know your readers, so you can learn to write what they want to read. Create a so-called ”buyer persona”. After all, your main target is your audience.



Let’s face it – the competition is tough these days. Thousands of people write content on the same subject and it can be challenging to come up with new, fresh ideas so often. But without originality, it’s almost impossible to be a good content writer. Every talented writer knows how to bring a unique perspective to any subject.



Take your time to learn the basics of WordPress, HTML, CSS, etc. The better you are with tools similar to these, the better the content that you will put out.



Connecting with your audience via social media is the most efficient way to get known, share your work and move forward with your content writing career.



A copywriter is a person who writes marketing and advertising material. Every ad you see, all the brochures you get in the mail, the jingles you hear on the radio – all written by a copywriter. A copywriter’s job is to grasp the attention of the audience immediately, usually in order to sell a product.

Here are a few traits you need to have in order to be a successful copywriter:

– as with every writing job, a sense of originality and the ability to shed a new light on an overworked topic is crucial.


IMAGINATION – in your career you will write so many copy texts, you will lose count. Your topics will be diverse, and you need to be able to adapt to them, meaning you need to make every topic interesting no matter how hard it may be. Colorful imagination is your most powerful tool to bring out fresh ideas over and over again.


BEING ABLE TO CONNECT WITH PEOPLE – you need to be able to know what will attract people to purchase your product. Get familiar with the human psychology behind the consumer culture and use it for bettering your copywriting skills.


ELOQUENCE – as I mentioned before, if you’re a copywriter you will encounter a countless number of topics. Therefore, your vocabulary needs to expand constantly. But keep in mind to still use the language appropriate for everyone to understand as well as persuasive and catchy words and terms that get people’s attention.



Content writing requires more planning, research and analyzing. You are presenting the brand or a product, so you need to know the field you’re talking about down to a detail. This takes time and management skills.

On the other hand, copywriters can be called last minute to come up with a short and capturing copy text for the said content. It usually just takes just some inspiration and before learned advertising skills.

Content and copywriters often go hand in hand. It’s actually quite clever to get them to work together to get the most out of your project. Keep all of these differences and similarities in mind if you’re in the process of searching for a writer who will elevate your business.


If you’re still unsure about the difference between the two job descriptions, the easiest way to sum up the difference between a content writer and a copywriter is with this simple sentence: ”Content tells, copy sells.”

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