The Importance of Influential Marketing and How You Can Ace It

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to promote your brand and raise brand awareness on social media without paid advertising, solely with organic posts. However, what might be more effective than paid reach is promoting your brand by joining forces with social media influencers. Also, it can be cheaper yet more cost-effective.

Why connect with social media influencers?

67% of marketing and communications professionals engage with influencers for content promotion.

Today, ads are popping out from every corner of the Internet, and people easily become unaffected by any advertisement. Even more, they are annoyed by them as they always have text or content that forces the customers to buy that certain product. Social influencers do not force people, they just give reviews.

Also, it is a quick way to get to your key audience and raise brand awareness for your startup – if you choose the right influencer with the right audience.

Small or no budget will not be a problem if you play it smart. You can send influencers your products for review or give them a discount. Big payments are not required, especially if you are partnering up with micro influencers.



Why collaborate with micro influencers rather than macro and celebrity influencers?

70% of teenage YouTube subscribers say they relate to YouTube creators more than traditional celebrities.

At the mention of social media influencers, most people´s first association is celebrities with millions of followers such as Kylie Jenner. Opinion leaders are opinion leaders no matter how many followers they have and often times those with fewer followers have a better connection and interaction with their audience. That is why it is more effective to work with micro influencers.

Micro influencers have approximately 1k-100k followers and since they are mostly new to working with brands, they will have no or fewer requirements. Also, you will have less competition for their attention and loyalty. They will not represent your product today, only to praise your competitor’s in their posts tomorrow day.

People tend to trust people who are similar to them. When celebrities are advertising a certain product, people buy it to look like them or feel like they are cool and famous. Whereas, with social media influencers, who are normal, everyday people with an audience that admires them, people trust them and identify with them. They view it as getting an honest advice from a friend.


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How to maximize your partnership with a social influencer for mutual benefit?

71% of influencers believe that an honest and authentic voice keeps their audience engaged.

When choosing social influencers to work with, choose a person that fits your brand concept and has an influence on the audience that would be interested in your product. For example, if you are selling hand-made children´s clothes you won´t choose a make-up guru with a very young audience to promote it.

The message you are trying to send about your brand will be more authentic and convincing if the social influencers you are collaborating with are satisfied consumers themselves.

It is best combined with good branding and an attractive story behind your product or service. Also, with the active business page and paid promoting content.

Build long-term relations with your social influencers. The key is being respectful to them, their work, platform, and audience. Don’t control how they will promote your brand, have trust and you will gain it back. Their audience is more important to them than the money they get from you, as they are a constant they need for their career. You, on the other hand, are not.


What to be careful about?

56% of marketers are concerned about influencer marketing because it´s a new and unproven channel to them.

Be careful not to get distracted by the number of followers an influencer has, because they may have become famous overnight. It can happen they have bought their followers or participated in some scandal.

Engagement is the new impression. The fact that an influencer has a large number of followers does not mean they have influence over their audience or that their audience trusts them. It´s better to reach and cause engagement with a small amount of your key public than to reach hundreds of thousands of people who will not even bother to visit your page.

Deliver your message in a subtle way. By paying someone to convince the public that you are good and trustworthy you are sending a wrong message.

When building a long-term relationship with an influencer you don´t know how that person will behave in the future or how they react to certain situations. In a blink of an eye that influencer may gain a bad reputation and your brand, being connected to that person will get bad reputation too. That is when experts in crisis situations have a lot of work.


All in all, influential marketing is a quick and effective way to get to your key audience and it can be relatively cheap for the profit you gain. However, it is important to be cautious when choosing who you are going to work with.
Nevertheless, with the tips we gave you in this blog post you are ready to start your influential marketing adventure with minimal fails along the way.

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