5 Ways to Make Your Instagram Stories More Appealing

We witness how Instagram, along with Facebook and Twitter, is one of the most popular social networks in the world. Every day, more and more people are becoming users of the service, and the reasons are its simplicity of use and interesting content. Also, from the moment when Instagram launched the possibility to put your Instagram Stories in a form of a photo or video, it gained so much popularity that Snapchat, with content similar to Instagram Stories, was instantly dethroned.

In the meantime, companies recognized that it is very important to self-promote on Instagram. The main reason was that the number of Instagrammers was rising and the social network managers recognized that some of them are their customers, in other words, audience. Therefore, companies decided to start promoting themselves through this channel. That promotion, despite the fact that they need to communicate with the customers through posting pictures and videos, also needed to consider using Instagram Stories because of the attention that it has gained.

We believe that if you are working on self-branding, Instagram is one of the top destinations for your promotion. This also means posting Instagram Stories whose primary function is to gain the attention of the viewers. Also, a good Story can make people click on the follow button and increase the number of your followers, which instantly means bigger popularity. Here are 5 tips how your Stories can be interesting and how they can attract others:


1)    What to Post on Instagram Stories?

As Instagram is a very relaxed and informal place it is important that your content is fun and entertaining. By aligning with this mentality people will be interested in your brand, follow you, or maybe suggest someone else to start following you.

So, don’t be afraid to post something silly. For example, you can post a goofy statement that one of your colleagues said in the office. Also, you can post pictures from informal meetings, such as team building with your company. Through this type of access, you bring a feel of the atmosphere to the viewers so they can get the feeling they are a part of the company.

However, you are still promoting your brand, so it is important to first post your products or services. It’s good to post one of the most successful Stories, or ones that you think are something innovative which will be attractive.


2)    Visual Appearance of Your Stories

Visual appearance is maybe one of the most important things about posting on Instagram, because, if you want to gain the viewer’s attention, your posts need to be visually interesting.

Thankfully, Instagram already has some awesome tools for making your pictures and videos more attractive. For example, putting colorful pictures will always wake up the viewers’ senses and make them watch your Story. Also, you can use tools for handwriting, coloring your text, putting pictures, and more recent, add gifs to your posts. Moreover, a lot of Instagram experts are putting YouTube tutorials on how you can play with the look of your text, so you can take a short course of styling your Stories.

As we talk about text, it is important that you write simple sentences without too many information. Instagram is primarily visual application through which you can find a lot of just seeing a picture or a video, and not actually reading something. That’s why a simple writing style is so important.

If you want to add extra spice to your visual appearance, some suggest adding music to your Stories because more senses are involved and people give more attention to your the Story. Instagram made this easier because you can play music in a background application and record a video, so you don’t have to download an extra application to put a music in the video later.


3)    Don’t Forget to Put Locations, Hashtags, Links, and Polls

Instagram enables the ability to search for stories through hashtags and locations, so it is very important to use them to expand the size of your audience. In other words, if you put the hashtag or a location in your story, anyone who searches for that hashtag/location will also be able to see your story. That’s why it is very important to use popular hashtags and locations (for example, big/popular cities, important events, etc.).

It is also very important to tag people who have a lot of followers or, as we call them, influencers, because they can connect the brand with the audience and raise the awareness of it. Furthermore, Instagram also offers the possibility to attach a link to our stories which can lead to the official brand site.

In addition, it is good to create polls in which the audience can participate. This is a great way to attract an audience and also find out what their opinion is about the company.


4)    How Often Should You Publish Instagram Stories?

A Story lasts for 24h so it is suggested to put them regularly. That doesn’t necessarily mean every day, but it is fine to do so every 2-3 days, so your followers can be informed. It is also not the best idea to put 10 stories up at once. A couple of them is fine, or as we like to say, less is more.


5)    Tools Which Can Make Your Stories Better

Today there are a lot of tools which present your company’s personality in the greatest light.

Instagram launched Boomerang which helps you make GIFs. Also, inShot helps with publishing photos and videos in full resolution. Canva helped with story templates so you can use them when you don’t have enough time or imagination to make your own. However, because Instagram Stories are so popular, a lot of apps for improving their look have been developed.

To put it all in a nutshell, not having an Instagram account these days is almost an impossible case. This is why a great effort needs to be directed to regulate updating and posting. In all of that, Instagram Stories are very important, so if you still haven’t started posting stories we hope that this blog will motivate you to do so, and that these tips help you post better stories.

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