Which came first, the influencer or the egg?

Egg, blogger, egg again, #instascene, blogger again, yet egg again. A typical day on Instagram. Although the number of Game of Thrones viewers is smaller than the number of people who liked a picture of an egg in the case we could call „Internet social justice warriors vs. A teenager worth millions“, here’s a quote I’d like to refer to.

Tywin Lannister once said „Any man who must say „I am king“ is no true king“. Transformed into the world of Internet fame – If you spend your day telling people you spread influence, do you really have time to do it? So, if someone puts „influencer“ in one’s Instagram profile bio, that does not mean causing a mass fight for the latest model of Louboutins just because they are in the corner of an insta-worthy spontaneous wardrobe scene.

Why is Kylie Jenner a true influencer? Let’s do a bit of blast from the past. Do you recall what happened in February last year? Snapchat sure does. Kylie Jenner tweeted „sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me… ugh this is so sad.“. She could have written „oh I hate Snapchat, everyone stop using it“. She could have made a tutorial how to delete your profile. But she didn’t. She simply expressed her mind just like every other teenager on the internet.

But why is this being mentioned now? What happened after her tweet is the interesting part. In the very moment everyone read what Kylie wrote, Snapchat’s stock price started plummeting. Can you name an egg capable of doing that? Of course, correlation does not necessarily mean causation, but in the case of financial markets – not many surprises are possible.

Pogledajte ovu objavu na Instagramu.

Take that little egg

Objavu dijeli Kylie (@kyliejenner)

In a few years, when someone googles or asks which Instagram photo has the most likes, it will technically be the egg. But it will always be a fact followed which „Yeah, it all started as a joke to take Kylie Jenner off the throne, you know…“.

At the end of the day, we all know who won. And it’s not the one brought to this world by a chicken.

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