Social Media Manager – who’s that?

You may think that you know the answer, but it’s far more complicated than that. If you state in your job description that you are a Social Media Manager, everybody thinks on only one thing – „Oh yeah, you publish stuff on Facebook.“

It would be nice if that’s the only thing that a Social Media Manager does, but publishing on Facebook and other social media networks is the last thing following the big work being done in order to publish something.

Besides managing the social networks for some clients, Social Media Managers:

1) Analyze everything on web pages and social networks in order to target the perfect audience for the product.

2) Maximize efficiency using limited budgets (you need to know some tricks for that too) – for example every Facebook ad is payed and you need to know when to schedule it’s placement and how much to invest for your target audience.

3) Stay in touch with their audience – if someone wants you to manage their social networks, that means that you need to be there for their followers. If they have any questions posted in comments or by message, you need to be ready to have the right answer and to be polite every second. Your work is not done when you leave the office. You need to be active if you want good recommendation for your future jobs.

4) Think ahead – you always need to be few steps ahead and preapare new content.

5) Make schedules for posts for the future and organize budget around it.

6) Write posts for Facebook and Instagram – which must be written in style fitting your client’s wants. That means that if needed, you’ll have ten different writing styles for ten different clients. Also, posts need to engage the audience (you want them to like and comment because you’ll a have wider reach), they sometimes need to be funny or provide information for some product, sometimes you combine different styles in one etc… The key thing is that both your client and your audience are satisfied.

7) Do some design work. For example, Facebook stories must me eye-chatching and to do that, you need to know some basics of design so you can make a good presentation about a product.

8) Need to have everything on time. You can’t be late or make mistakes because when something is published and that is an advertised post, you can’t edit it anymore. The only thing to do when you notice the published mistake is to delete the post, but that means that you just lost your client’s money.

9) Need to know every social network if that’s what the client wants – not only Facebook and Instagram.

10) Implement all that knowledge in one post.

So, if you want to be a Social Media Manager be prepared for work and a lot of research for „just posting on Facebook“.


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