5 steps for switching your business to web shop

Many businesses that have based their business on physical outlets so far have been hit by the threat of closing down their shops because of the isolation of the population. Because of this business managers are in fear of shutting down their businesses.

Most affected are shops, restaurants, services and specialized stores that people will no longer be able to reach, and they will not be able to sell their services and products. Business managers need to redirect their businesses to the Internet and open an online store (web shop) in order to survive the new situation.

Due to isolation, more and more costumers are ordering their goods online, so web shops are now the only way to buy products from the safety of their home. Therefore, it is not surprising that web shops are now up by 500%, and Amazon has had to hire an additional 100,000 workers in the US alone, due to rise in online shopping demand.

How to start a successful web shop?
To continue your business and sell your services and goods online follow these 5 simple steps.

1. Prepare product descriptions and photos

Because customers will not be able to come to your store, products need to be described and presented to the customer as best as they can.

  • List all product features
  • Describe the product
  • Highlight the price

SEO (search engine optimization) needs to be done to help your customers find the products you sell when they search the Internet.

Photos of the products are very important and it is advisable to present the product as realistically as possible. Before uploading photos to web shop, it is necessary to optimize the photos themselves.
With a good description, it’s the photo that sells the product.
It is important to have a good:

  • Photo quality
  • Photo size
  • Alt tag – a description of a photo that helps search engines to find a photo

2. Coordination of the bussines with the law

In order to do business under the law and to avoid legal problems, it is necessary to coordinate the business with the law.
Here is a list of links that can help you:

  1. The Law on Electronic Commerce
  2. The Law on Electronic Communications
  3. Law on Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution
  4. Consumer Protection Act

3. Availability of products in stock

Customers who visit your web shop need information about the availability of the product in your warehouse, the quantity of products available, what the price is and the delivery information.

You may store this information within WooCommerce. WooCommerce allows you to automatically update your balance depending on new orders, displaying the actual quantity of products in your web shop’s warehouse.

4. Product Billing

No web shop can function without charge.
There are three ways to charge products from a web shop:

  1. Credit Cards
  2. Virman, general payment and internet banking
  3. Cash on delivery

In order for your new web shop to receive money from credit cards, it is necessary to enable credit card authorization using the payment gateway system.
Some of the providers of this service in Croatia are:

  • CorvusPay
  • WSpay
  • T-Com PayWay

After selecting the payment gateway system, you should provide the information you receive from them to the agency that runs your web shop and you no longer have to worry about that. Integration of online card payments takes place between the payment gateway service provider and the digital agency that runs your web shop.

5. Product delivery

Delivering a product is not just a mere delivery – it is a way to impress your customer and make them become your regular customer.

How to do this?
Prepare different size shipping boxes and have the information about your webshop printed on each box . Protect the products with protective film if necessary, and include a discount coupon for your costumer’s next purchase.

Choosing a shipping company is a very important step because poor shipping experiences can turn a buyer away from making their next purchase. Depending on the agreement with the courier service, the delivery price can be set by the zone or postal code.

Free shipping is a great marketing tool aimed at attracting customers.
In this case, you pay for the delivery from the price of the product. It is advisable to set a minimum for free orders – you do not want free shipping to eat up all the difference between the purchase price and the sale price in the store.

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