5 tips for successful crysis communication on digital channels

Global pandemic of COVID-19 (corona virus) and the lack of knowledge what will the world look like after it’s gone has not only made all of us worried, but also slowed down the world. However, that does not apply to the Internet. Digital traffic has never been so strong and nobody is thinking about the importance of it. Mediatoolkit took a look at the stats and published very interesting data about digital traffic on March 18th. We can se billions of users, emails sent, searches made, blogs posted… What’s even more fascinating is that the numbers are growing in a second’s time.

Can you imagine a world where information sharing is done only via TV news? Or let’s go even deeper – getting new information exclusively from the official government newspaper, waiting for telegrams, faxes and similar pieces of technology I don’t know much about. How many enterprises would then be useless and would have to close?

Considering we received “a gift” which many of us take for granted, we must be focused and  creative on the highest level possible. We should use what’s at our disposal and that is an amazing tool and one of the greatest a human ever invented.

Although the Internet is facing a countless number of users, most of them are not focused on your brand, how to buy your products and what you home office looks like. The focus is completely on corona virus – more specific, the information which calm the users which consume them. Why is it so? Simply said – we are all afraid what’s going to happen next and how long will this pandemic last. Quaility content can educate, give hope and support and calm our fears.Considering all these facts, the conclusion is that it is crucial to adjust digital communication that’s happening between you and your consumers and users. My last blog was about the potentials this situation brought and this piece of writing gives you applicable advice on how to communicate in the times of crysis like this one.

1. Focus on your buyers and followers

Instead of sending pure sales messages which cleary express profit is you no. 1 priority. you should create content with a mission of helping and caring about the consumers of your products and services. They rely on your brand and in this moment, we should all be helping each other. If you have a webshop, give your consumers free shipping. If you have a gym, provide them with online training courses. If you have a restaurant, make online orders available and food delivery active. If there’s any other type of business you are managing, tell your consumers how they can get your products, give advice on it to your clients and find a way to provide them with your services online. Give them notice on time, share advice, educate. Help your audience in any way possible, even if it means sacrificing in a way because your users were here the whole time and they will be here after this pandemic – not having forgotten your approach.

2. Adjust the tone of your communication to this situatioin

The biggest mistake you can make on digital channels right now is to pretend like there is nothing going on. You need to reach out to your customers every day and update them with changes made in this period. Be empathetic, positive and do no exaggerate with humor. When it comes to empathy, do not communicate in a traditional way talking about being blessed, thankful and positive because these feelings are not currently present within your users’. Instead of that, give them support, give value to the community, ask your audience how are they feeling and be someone they can rely on. Last but not the least, be very careful with using humor. Laughing is great, but these days were fullfilled with “funny” memes and other humoristic and non-humoristic pieces of content speaking on this topic. The longer this pandemic lasts, the higher the odds that kind of content becomes annoying – it might be already. Be one of those who give value and help, not just part time laughs.

3. Don’t be repetitive

Another key point for doing your work a maximum level in this moment is timing. It is important to know when to share each content and when to stop sharing it. Those moments will be best recognised by marketing experts who know who to communicate in the times of crysis – so before you press “Publish”, consult a professional. For instance, the official annoucement from the CEO should be shared only once, just like sad posts about bars closing, announcing the beggining of working from home (we are all in our home offices) etc.

4. Listen to others surrounding you, not just yourself

Your beliefs and things you believe should be done are probably not the same thoughts your consumers share. It is crucial to bear that in mind the whole time and to stick to it. Economical and general circumstances of your consumers often differ from your own. This is just one piece of proof that this should be let to professionals. That way you will avoid any unpleasant situation and increase the awareness of your brand and increase the values it gives to the community.

5. Be creative

Even though this pandemic brings more negative things rather than the positive ones, opportunities which must be used also occur. Don’t wait for your competiting brand and copy their ideas, communicate with your people and be creative under the pressure of your brand’s survival. Think outside the box, be open minded and try to get out the best out of this situation. News pages which now have the highest number of readers are waiting for your creative idea to be shared with your consumers. Use that.

In the times of crysis, people seek for quality information, help and brands/campaigns which they can rely on. If you have important information and annoucement, share them in the right time without hesitating. For instance, if you have a webshop, inform your buyers about product availabilty and shipping time – that is what they want to know.

            As brand manager, find a meaningful way to engage with your audience during this unplanned crysis we are all in now. Remember that at this moment, the way you communicate and show to your customers are the most important things. Bear in mind that if in this moment, your communication and vision and mission of your brand do not match – people will remember that. That is the whole point – people will recall how you helped them, if you did. This is not the time for scaling, it’s a time of stagnation or even scaling backwards. Reaction marketing (copying, not listening to those surrounding you, lack of creativity) is never the right way, especially now in the times of global pandemic.

In these times of crysis, ForgeBIT is offering free consulting about digitalising your business, so feel free to reach out for an online meeting or a casual conversation.You can reach out here:

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