How To Increase Your Web Shop Sales

If you already have your own web shop or because you have decided to switch your business to the Internet because of the isolation measures caused by the Corona virus, here are 5 tips for better sales on  your web shop.

  1. Gain your customers trust

Due to the many frauds on the internet, customers need confirmation that your online store is a reliable place to shop.

You can gain your customers’ trust  by highlighting information about payment security, customer support, information about product return and payment options on the front page of your website.

It is also preferable to highlight the possibilities and methods of payment.

Add a list of well-known brands you work with as well.

  • Write a blog about the products you sell

Blog posts containing SEO keywords and useful information for consumers will be ranked higher in search engine results. Blog posts that rank well and encourage people to visit your website are a springboard for your online store. If you give readers value through the blog, such as providing expert advice on how to use the product or useful information about the product itself, then the blog becomes a medium for deep connection with the audience and increases customers’ trust.

Here are some helpful tips for creating a blog for your store:

• Use SEO tools to place keywords.

• Use Google Analytics to track page views on your blogs. If a blog post about a product has a high readership, it is a sign that there is a high demand for that product.

• Plan your posts and link them to your previous posts.

  • Show statements from satisfied customers

Feedback from satisfied customers is extremely important. Satisfied customers can give you one of the most valuable marketing weapons – their recommendation.

After delivering the product to your customers, call them and ask if they are satisfied with your service and ask for permission to put their statement on your website.

  • Advertise on social media networks

Social media advertising is a powerful way to connect with potential customers in a creative and fun way. Social networks should be used to introduce users to your brand, build an online community, increase the number of visits to your website and, of course, increase the number of conversions on your online store.

Read more about crisis communication tips here.

Use social media analytics to track the success of your ads and design strategies for improving future promotions.

       5. Use Google advertising

Google AdWords advertising can be very cost effective for your online store  if you follow these simple rules.

  1. Use Keyword Planner to find out how often a particular keyword is searched on Google and how much it might cost you to get your ad to show first for a particular keyword search.
  2. Write an engaging ad that will get users to click on it. The ad consists of a headline, a link to your page and a brief description.
  3. Choose keywords. When people type their inquiries into search engines and those inquiries  match the keyword of your ad, then your ad will appear.
  4. Use remarketing to get more sales. Remarketing is used to target people who have already visited your site.

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