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It seems like Instagram Stories in 2020 are becoming basic – everyone and their mother are posting daily stories showing off their meals and Saturday nights. You may think everything has been done and seen, but I assure you – there is so much more to this beautiful world of 24-hour Instagram visuals then you might think!


Did you ever think about Instagram Story statistics? If you haven’t, you should! This can be crucial for your business. 500 million users now use Instagram Stories every day, and one-third of the most-viewed Instagram Stories are from businesses! In 2019, 51% of marketers were using story advertising, and more than 4 million advertisers on Facebook properties worldwide were using Story ads as of January 2020.

This serves as a great potential for Social Media Managers and Digital Advertisers – Instagram’s potential advertising reach is 849.3 million users. We are talking big numbers here, aren’t we? While this is a great opportunity, it also means you have to find a way to stand out from the rest and be seen. 


Instagram is evolving fast, and Stories are no exception to this. New engagement-boosting features which are great for starting conversations, humanizing your brand, and getting real-time feedback straight from your target audience are pouring in day by day. Stickers, gifs, filters, locations, hashtags – you name it! It’s easy to take a picture, stick a location tag and call it a day. But…everyone does that. The trick is to use all of these options and create something new, something with character. 


Posting one-slide story will not get you the attention you need. As said above, there are millions of Stories posted everyday and one semi-good quality picture of a product will probably get looked over. Tell your story through a multi-slide Instagram Story, but try avoiding posting tens of slides. This will create a counter effect.

Keep your audience interested by creating an introductory Story slide and keeping a theme throughout the rest of Story slides. This theme shouldn’t always be linked directly to your brand, but give value to your followers. For instance, pharmacies should post Stories about health, gyms should post about fitness and cosmetic brands could use this space to talk about beauty hacks and routines.


Just like a business website or Instagram Feed visuals, your Stories need a recognizable look. Stick to one or two fonts and your business’s color palette. By doing this, your followers will probably know it’s your Stories by just glancing at it. Content of your Stories is, of course, important but so is the aesthetic of it.

  – Collage making
If your smartphone allows it, you can copy a picture from your Camera Roll and paste it to your story. You can do it with several images and create fun collages. This comes in very handy with clear-background images.
  – Boomerang
You can turn Live images into Boomerangs! Open the desired photo in Instagram Stories and hold down on it until it turns into a Boomerang.
– GIFs
Adding a funny GIF to your Story is an easy way to spice things up a little bit. Simply putting moving lines around your text will accentuate your business’s Stories.


Instagram Stories are perfect for boosting engagement on your page, and using stickers is a way to go! By including quizzes and polls you can get a detailed insight in your follower’s wants and needs. If you give your followers an opportunity to share their thoughts with you, not only are you more connected with your followers but your followers also feel as a functioning part of your brand.

– Hashtags
Hashtags generate a good deal of clicks but using tons of hashtags in Stories often isn’t very aesthetically pleasing. Good thing is you can hide them! Drag your colour cursor to make the letters of the hashtags the same colour as the background of your picture. Just be careful not to make them too small – in this case Instagram won’t recognize them as hashtags.
Most customers stick around for less than 59 seconds, and in the case of Stories this attention span is even shorter. By including an eye-catching call to action in your Stories you can take your engagement to a new level. 


Roughly one-third of advertisers rely on Insta Stories in their marketing strategies, and this is how and why to become one of them.


Even though small businesses aren’t blessed with a swipe up option on their Stories they can still become part of this elite group by making Instagram Story Ads. This type of Ads allows swiping up no matter the number of followers your page has!
Another great thing is they can blend in very well with the unpaid content on Insta Stories. But this also has a slight downside. Users can get annoyed with these ads. This is another reason to spend some more time on designing your Story Ads to catch more eyes.


Tagging your products with Instagram Stories stickers is a more organic way to promote shopping on stories, and allows you to showcase products without seeming too sales-y or spammy. With Instagram introducing a new Shopping Feature this option will surely become even more prominent!

To round it all up, Instagram Stories are actually becoming everything but basic. Creating Instagram Story Ads will give your marketing strategy a new dimension and generate more engagement. With plenty of features and options, it’s your call to turn your business’s Stories into something worth watching!


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