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Breaking the Myths About Digital Advertising

Ana Jug, Junior Digital Advertiser

A Growing Industry

Nowadays, digital advertising is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, which is not surprising due to the benefits of the industry, especially in comparison with traditional marketing. Not only does it have high demand on the market and offer flexibility in its performance, but it is also highly profitable. According to LinkedIn, the expected global digital marketing market value will be around USD 671.86 billion by 2028, with a compound annual growth rate of approximately 13.1%.

The Unrealistic Image: The Main Cause of Myths

Not only is the industry attractive among investors and entrepreneurs, but also among employees. That isn’t surprising due to advantages such as decent wages, a flexible work life, a wide range of career options, etc. The problem that happens to occur is that potential digital advertisers have unrealistic images of the profession, thinking that after a course or two, they will be ready for all challenges and that everything will go smoothly with brilliant results just in the blink of an eye. As almost always, the reality is slightly different. With that being said, let’s break some of the widespread myths about digital advertising.

  1. You are playing on the computer all day.

You don’t need many resources to perform daily tasks in digital advertising; a solid laptop and a fast internet connection are all you need. On that fact lies the first myth—I would even dare to say In false accusation—that some people, mainly the elderly population, turn out to have. Even though it looks at first glance like “playing” on the computer all day, it’s much more complicated than that. What is “playing on the computer”, for others, for digital advertisers is a bunch of tasks of different kinds and complexity connected with various clients that should be done as soon as possible.

  1. You can google it.

As in every other industry, a massive amount of information, such as online guides and tips and tricks, can be found online, but that doesn’t mean that it is always useful and applicable. Every campaign, just as clients’ needs and problems that may appear along the way, is unique, so you have to have an individual approach. So, yes, you can find many things online that can help you, but it takes much more than simply following the steps found on the internet.

  1. Results are just a few clicks away.

This one is quite naive but still very common among people. Even if you set the campaign right and click everything as you should, that doesn’t imply that results will come in a split second or that they will be terrific. For a campaign to succeed, preparation, research, audience, market, and time have to be done right. If just one falls out, the results might be shaken up.

  1. “A course or two, and I am an expert.”

There are plentiful courses, both offline and online, that can help you master digital marketing and its fields and tools. The problem that happens to arise is the attitude where some individuals think that after finishing some course they are immediately experts and know everything. Yes, courses are good additions or starting points, but just a finishing (especially short) course is not enough to do the job. As in almost every industry, experience combined with theoretical and practical knowledge is the key.

  1. No limits and no stress

Even though in some aspects it is a creative job, there are still many occasions where you have your hands tied and have to follow the rules set by the tool you are using for advertising, which may be tricky and very challenging. And when it comes to stress, there are, of course, carefree days – I am not going to lie. But when things go downhill or when deadlines are close, it’s not a rosy situation.

No Myths, Just Truths.

Now, when we break myths and false perceptions of the industry, it wouldn’t harm to say a couple of facts and try to demonstrate the magic of the job. Besides the already-mentioned benefits, which are more than appealing, there are tons of new opportunities and amazing people you meet along the way. Every day is unique; every day brings new challenges and interesting tasks or campaigns, but it also brings new lectures. When you walk through the office door, you don’t know what will show up on your desk that day. My personal favorite and ultimate truth about digital advertising is that there is a constant need for improving and learning, always going further, pushing harder, and reaching new heights.

  • A Growing Industry
  • The Unrealistic Image: The Main Cause of Myths
  • No Myths, Just Truths.

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