Anatomska Centrala

One of the most popular fitness centers in Zagreb


Project description

“Stop saying ‘I can’t’ – you can” is the family motto of the leading team from Anatomska Centrala. Under the leadership of Ivan Zubić, this energetic collective came to us to build their complete digital presence. They engaged with us in both strategy development and execution across multiple channels, from the official website to social media accounts. Their only wish was to leave an impact on Zagreb’s fitness community.

Project scope



web development

Web Development

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Content Creation



video production

Video Production

social media

Social Media

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Digital Advertising





Our first action for Anatomska Centrala was to get clarity on benchmarks among the competition. Our primary objective was to sell gym memberships. The problem was very clear – how to get noticed in this very saturated market in Zagreb? In discussion with the management team of Anatomska Centrala, we concluded that the jaw-dropping offer should be the key message we want to communicate to the target audience due to the lack of attractiveness concerning location and brand exposure.

The jaw-dropping offer was the “it” factor that made the social media (primarily Facebook) user stop in their scrolling tracks and geek out over our ads, compelling them to click. To attract our intended audience, we needed to set up a simple three-part funnel, which included: a well-targeted Facebook ad, a landing page, and a clearly communicated contact information.


Our cooperation with ForgeBIT was the right decision for our business. After a few initial meetings where we showed them our work and the concept of the fitness world, they became even better than us in it! In a short period we gained hundred more new gym members!

Ivan Zubić



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