Leading Latvian travel agency expanding its market focus to Croatia


Project description

Considering the fact that FlyMeAway was a newcomer on the Croatian market, we decided to emphasize the company’s strengths in order to set it apart from the competition. We recognized their ability to respond promptly to the market’s needs and to provide custom designed travel experience to travelers.

We diversified three objectives as the most important paths to the campaign’s success:

  1. Grow follower base on digital channels
  2. Educate followers about the new travelling concept FlyMeAway is offering
  3. Sell travel arrangements to Valencia through an online booking system

Project scope



social media

Social Media

digital advertising

Digital Advertising

content creation

Content Creation







With a long tradition on the Latvian market, which is very different concerning customer preferences than the Croatian market, we first needed to bring FlyMeAway’s business approach (pricing with all costs included, flight options plus additional hotel option, low-frequency travels) and visual identity to the Croatian consumers. To effectively overcome the competitive rivalry and focus customer choice towards our preferred sales option (flight+hotel option), we focused our promotional efforts on FlyMeAway’s strengths: rich travel arrangements organized with deep planning processes, multiple payment options, and transparent pricing (all extra travel fees included).

After we conducted a situational analysis, we defined communication channels that we utilized during the campaign: Facebook, Instagram, newsletter, and the company’s blog. From the perspective of advertising, our focus was on Facebook and PPC native advertising. By using both channels, we were able to implement Pixels and track the users’ interaction with the brand. Thereafter, we managed to effectively conduct a remarketing campaign towards all users that were in interaction with FlyMeAway before.



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