Forea OCD


Forea OCD is a company that consist of a webshop and a physical store with car detailing equipment. They are offering a wide range of car detailing products for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The challenge

Until 2019, Forea OCD used to have their Black Friday sale in their physical location, where the most of their customers are used to buying their detailing equipment. However, they already have a webshop and they concluded that this is the time to start fully exploiting it and encourage their customers to more often buy on the webshop. In 2019, Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale, with the discounts of up to 40%, was eligible exclusively on webshop in the duration from November 29th to December 2nd. They already have active campaigns on Google Ads, but our new task was to create a social media campaign that will sell the most products.

Our solution

Firstly, we’ve set up Facebook Pixel and Facebook Shop for Forea OCD Facebook Page and webshop, in order to measure the results of the campaign. We’ve decided to create Facebook Dynamic Ads that are to be shown in Facebook News Feed, Instagram Feed and Instagram Story, each with separate creative, to be maximally adjusted to the chosen placements. For Facebook and Instagram feeds, we’ve tested 2 different formats of the ads that are the most suitable for showing the products to the audience: Carousel and Canvas Ads with Instant Experience, while for Instagram Story we’ve used simple Image Ads. Targeted audiences were developed using Google Analytics data and Forea OCD’s inputs.



people were reached with Facebook and Instagram Ads


landing page views (website pages and Instant Experience views)


adds to cart on the webshop

1.46 €

average cost per purchase


conversion rate


ROAS (return on ad spend)

How did your Black Friday campaign go? Was it as overwhelming and successful as it was for the guys and girls at Forea OCD or do you think you could’ve handled more work, if only there were more orders? Us at ForgeBIT would love to hear your thoughts. You can leave a comment here, contact us on social or send an email to [email protected]



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