Heli Center Toplice

Helicopter adrenaline without leaving the ground


Project description

Who would have thought that Croatia would have a helicopter simulator for aircrew and technical personnel training? Our client Heli Center Toplice brings the best European simulators designed by Transas available only in their Center when it comes to the whole European area. The simulators are used for completing a wide range of tasks during the training, such as piloting tasks, navigational tasks, onboard systems and devices usage, the interaction of aircrew members in regular and special flight conditions like NVG flights, and joint flights on both simulators. The best part is, it provides an equal amount of excitement to both professional pilots and pure amateurs.


Projects like this are really not often in Croatia, so the public needs to be acquainted with the work of the Heli Center. Furthermore, we want to introduce the simulators to people not familiar with air travel nor helicopters in order to get them to try them out. Creating a professional and clear image of the Center was found to be useful as brand awareness helps deepen the relationship with customers. Additionally, the Heli Center will have an opening of their own museum and a tour of the simulators. Therefore, a strategy for the promotion of the museum and the tour will soon be discussed.

Project scope



web development

Web Development

content creation

Content Creation



video production

Video Production





As much as promoting a very exciting adrenaline-fueled experience may not seem like a difficult task, a lot of contemplating led us to create an attractive and user-friendly web page which intrigues all adrenaline fans and a broad audience of those seeking new experiences. A video slider which presents the dynamics of the simulation along with 3-D hover elements floating in the rhythm of your touchpad and an animated page loader are just some of the details added to make the user experience even better. Every graphic component was custom designed to match the identity of the company and service.

Making the web site along with all the promotion materials unique and easily accessible with information available in just a few clicks was important. Simplicity and attractive visuals seemed to be the right solution. Providing the interested audience with video content was also a logical move since showing what it looks like when trying out helps people get a vision what it feels like and tends to intrigue them even more.

In addition to digital content, a unique visual identity was enhanced by promo materials such as brochures, shirts and business cards.


We wanted to improve our digital presence, and ForgeBIT digital agency was a perfect fit for our needs. They created content for our website, which is really great since we work in a specific industry. Also, they created an amazing, modern website which shows and presents our business in a perfect way.
Next step was to create promo materials and promo video to educate people about our business. They made brochures, business cards and t-shirts with an amazing design, just like we wanted. The video is also outstanding. It is very quality, and we had a great time with their team on the shooting. Looking forward to continuing our cooperation. Fully recommended agency!

Matija Borovečki


Interactive video slider
Animated page loader
3-D floating hover elements
Custom design to match the visual identity