Croatian webshop that offers high-quality products for babies and toddlers


Project description

Kodnas.hr’s owners have a big dream of becoming one of Croatia’s leading e-commerce websites oriented towards international markets. We successfully launched their website and social media activities, and created a great foundation for future expansion to the DACH (German, Austrian, and the Swiss) market.

Since Kodnas.hr aims to gradually diversify their product portfolio (starting with products for babies and toddlers), our primary objectives were a bit broader in nature:

  1. Create a completely mobile-responsive website with the focus on social media integration and diversity of payment options
  2. Grow follower base on digital channels
  3. Create a strong remarketing funnel throughout all utilized digital channels

Project scope




Web Development

content creation

Content Creation



social media

Video Production

social media

Social Media

digital advertising

Digital Advertising





Since Kodnas.hr aims to gradually diversify their product portfolio (starting with products for babies and toddlers) and expand to international markets, we needed to optimize our design and digital strategies to the ever-changing business strategy of Kodnas.hr. Since the company’s primary target market are mothers, we decided to go with soft colors that give both the feel of warmth and the look of approachability. The overall styling is very sophisticated and appealing, while the website’s layout and font choice put emphasis on products and their descriptions. We were guided with the same principles in creating a digital strategy.

Our social media posts, as well as ads, were very picturesque and descriptive. Used photographs and videos were produced in-house by our video production team. With the aim of growing follower base, our tactic included strong remarketing campaign that yielded an ever-increasing daily conversion rate. By recognizing the right target audience in this first phase of Kodnas.hr’s business strategy, our remarketing efforts brought results higher than our expectations. In the same manner, by deeply analyzing website traffic and customer journeys, we optimized product pages and checkout processes. This allowed Kodnas.hr to maximize its customer lifetime value and obtain loyal customers. Although this is a long-term-oriented strategy, the company is already seeing great results.


ForgeBIT was the right choice for my business. I am thrilled with the work they have done. Their approach to us as the clients is very professional and high-quality.

Hrvoje Husarić



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