Ljekarne Zubić

Health, beauty and social media – a perfect fit


The project

Ljekarne Zubić is the proof that everything is possible if you work hard enough. The Zubić family has been running their business successfully for 23 years now. Needless to say that their polite and kind staff meets all of their customers’ wishes and the products offered are a result of professional knowledge and aspiration to offer nothing but the highest quality services for each customer.


Ljekarne Zubić has a wide audience consisting of people with different needs and wishes. The target is to attract even more customers and build a long-term business relationship with existing ones. Creating an image of a professional and friendly place where you can get advice and buy the necessary products was the lead they followed in establishing the business’ image. Not only that, but making your customers acknowledge the business you are running is respectful and invites increased sales, but also helps you increase value in every aspect of your work.







Social Media


Content Creation

digital advertising

Digital Advertising



A long tradition combined with digital marketing solutions is a recipe certain for success. Through social media channels, we have succeeded in communicating not only the most useful advice and information about products available but also got an impressive amount of engagement from users. We have built an image of a company easily accessible on both digital channels and in real-life places, removing the barriers of not getting the information needed for your health and lifestyle correctly and on time. Customer relationship management is an excellent base for building a reputation of caring for your customers’ well-being by providing information not only about mundane things such as prices and discounts but also giving recommendations and taking reviews into consideration. Following beauty trends also turned out to be a key point in creating the business image. The concluding idea is connecting care about one’s health which influences the beauty standard with advice and attractive visuals concerning not only cosmetics but most products. That way, awareness not only about the business but also health, in general, is raised.



By measuring over analytical data from Facebook Insights, we have continuously improved and refined our processes to deliver on-going growth and success for Ljekarne Zubić.

Health, beauty and social media go hand in hand – that’s why it is so important to recognize how a brand such as Ljekarne Zubić can offer useful content and interact with its’ audience in a meaningful way.


We were thinking about to start with social media activities, but wasn’t 100% sure how to execute it. ForgeBIT was the right choice for my business and me, as a client, is satisfied with their work so far. They increased our sales, ROI is great, and they boosted our brand awareness on our target locations.

Janko Zubić


416,67% – 583,33%

return on ad spend (ROAS)


increase in FB followers

0.916 €

cost per 1 person reached


total impressions

1.75 €

CPM (cost per 1000 impressions)


average no. of daily engaged users


total ad clicks