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13.6.2022. – 13.5.2023.

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GameBoost, a rapidly growing startup, recognized the necessity for a well-structured, goal-oriented, and niche-conscious social media strategy.
With a successful track record of performance marketing, the company sought to extend their accomplishments to other marketing channels. Taking into consideration GameBoost’s unique services and the desires of their target audience, our team devised a comprehensive strategy that continues to yield remarkable results.


The primary objective of the social media strategy for GameBoost was to cultivate high-quality brand awareness, effectively inform users about the range of services offered by the company, and shift the focus from predominantly meme-based content to a more diversified mix of content types.

It was crucial to maintain the essence of fun and the authentic communication style that resonated with clients, while ensuring a balanced approach. A significant aspect of this strategy involved incorporating more video content across various social media platforms and gradually expanding the range of communication channels. Furthermore, GameBoost’s social media presence required a representative visual identity that was visually appealing to gamers yet uncomplicated in design.

Gameboost Social Media Expansion
Brand strategy


The implementation of the social media strategy we developed for GameBoost involved a meticulous testing process to ensure that the content created and shared effectively served multiple goals, including brand awareness, information dissemination, education, and sales. It is noteworthy that no conversion campaigns were employed on social media platforms, and every sale was generated through reach, engagement, and traffic campaigns. 

As GameBoost experienced progressive growth, our strategy evolved in tandem, reflecting the expanding scope of their offerings in every published post.
Expansion to TikTok Video Content
Brand strategy

To convey the diverse range of GameBoost’s services, we devised various captivating and interactive post-series complemented by gaming-related video memes. These included the GGN Weekly News Roundup, Triple Threat Game Highlights, March Mania, and Spring Rush Series. By incorporating these series into the content mix, we effectively communicated the vibrant extent of GameBoost’s work, capturing the attention and interest of the target audience.

Throughout the duration of the project, we successfully extended our efforts beyond Facebook and Instagram to include TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

This strategic expansion broadened GameBoost’s online presence and facilitated engagement with users across multiple platforms. Additionally, we dedicated efforts to establish a newsletter strategy, which proved highly successful, with email emerging as one of the most effective sales channels.

Expansion to Twitter Content And Newsletters
Brand strategy


The comprehensive social media and content strategy yielded remarkable outcomes for GameBoost. The continuous expansion onto various social media channels allowed the company to reach a wider audience, resulting in increased brand visibility, user engagement, and ultimately, sales.

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Following this expansion, we succeeded in significantly amplifying GameBoost's brand visibility and audience engagement within the digital landscape.

In summary, the collaborative efforts in designing and executing the social media strategy, accompanied by the creation of engaging post-series and the integration of gaming-related video memes, enabled GameBoost to effectively communicate the span of its services and captivate the target audience. The expansion onto multiple social media platforms and the implementation of a strong newsletter strategy solidified GameBoost’s online presence and significantly contributed to its sales and business growth.

“The ForgeBIT team has become our trusted partner for all things digital. Content creation for a specific brand like ours looked like quite a challenge, but it has leveled up our digital presence and brand awareness more than we expected!”
— Kristijan Salijević, GameBoost CEO
GameBoost team

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