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7.5. – 21.5.2022.

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Being the Europe's No. 1 in gluten free, Schär is continuously evolving it’s digital presence - be it Google advertising, social media activations or integrated digital campaigns.

 As their brand awareness expands, they discover new opportunities for connecting with their audiences. One effective approach they adopted was organizing large-scale Food Truck events across Europe, fostering and nurturing these relationships.


In the early Spring of 2022, we were introduced to the concept of hosting numerous Schär Food Truck Events across Europe. The idea behind these events involved a branded food truck embarking on a journey across the continent, making stops in major cities of selected countries. The goal of these events was to gather a gluten-free community all around Europe, providing a safe environment for people with coeliac disease, gluten-intolerance and similar gluten-related conditions.

Every country was in charge of organizing the event locally, and our part was to arrange specifics for Croatian cities - Zagreb, Rijeka and Split.

Together with Salvia, Schär’s local distributor, we have made a detailed game plan to make sure everything runs smoothly which was especially important having in mind the events needed to be 100% gluten-free. It was crucial for us to prioritize the events being entirely gluten-free, guaranteeing a worry-free experience for all attendees. Furthermore, we aimed to create a kid-friendly environment with fun activities for their enjoyment. Since the events took place in the springtime, we opted for outdoor venues to accommodate everyone interested in attending.

Schar event map
Schär Food Truck Event Schedule


Events in Zagreb, Rijeka and Split

Along with preplanned activities, we came up with creative ways to interact with the visitors.

Aiming for a well-rounded experience that was informative, enjoyable, and practical, we set up various stations around given areas in all three cities which gave the visitors the opportunity to find out more about gluten-free lifestyle and meet associations in Croatia who can be a great support in the process of familiarizing oneself with gluten-free way of living. Collaborating with Salvia, we created large degustation tables showcasing a wide array of Schar snacks and sweets. Furthermore, skilled chefs prepared free, 100% gluten-free meals for preregistered guests, ensuring a delightful lunch experience.

Event Attendants Enjoying Various Activities

Social media management and advertising

An essential aspect of organizing the event was promoting it effectively through a comprehensive social media strategy, which played a pivotal role in raising awareness about the upcoming events.

Prior to the event, we utilized social media advertising to encourage users to register and secure their spot. To create a sense of excitement and engage those who were still unsure about attending, we implemented on-site social media management. This involved conducting live streams, actively interacting with users through comments and inquiries, and sharing real-time posts and stories directly from the events, bringing people closer to the action.

Following the event, we expressed our gratitude by sharing posts to thank everyone who attended and contributed to making the experience so special.

Schar event
Branded Schär Photo Frame
Schar event
Schar event

Offline results

The number of visitors shed light on the interest in gluten-free events in Croatia. People we encountered at the event were buzzing with joy and gratitude for the safe place Schär has created for them.
Meals served
Promo packages sold

Online results

Even though the events only took place in three Croatian cities, the brand awareness was spread all across Croatia with users showing interest for the events on Schär’s social media profiles.
Link Clicks
“Mom, this is the best day ever!”
— a boy in Zagreb while trying sweets from the degustation table
Mother and a child on this event

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