2.1.2024. – 15.4.2024.

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When Ambacia, an IT recruitment and employment agency, reached out to us, they were ready to refresh their online presence. Their website was feeling a bit stagnant and failed to accurately reflect their vibrant brand identity and comprehensive range of services. With a branding featuring a cool salamander, Ambacia’s essence was ready for digital expression. Our mission was clear: infuse the website with their youthful energy, professionalism, and extensive expertise.


Ambacia had a vision: a website that didn't just list their services but embodied who they were as a company.
They wanted something visually engaging, easy to navigate, and packed with informative content to attract both clients and job seekers in the competitive IT world.


Dynamic Homepage

We designed a dynamic homepage that prioritized essential information about Ambacia, allowing users to delve deeper into areas of interest by clicking on CTAs.
The layout, characterized by playful animations and captivating images, seamlessly balanced informative content with visual appeal.


Users can explore Ambacia’s team, history, and individual employees through a timeline and employee profiles.
Ambacia Landing Page


A dedicated archive provides a comprehensive overview of Ambacia’s services, ensuring users understand the full scope of what they can offer. Each service has a detailed single page, customized to convey the unique features and benefits of that service.

FAQ Section

Users can easily navigate through frequently asked questions, thanks to a categorized system designed for simplicity and efficiency. This enhances user experience and reduces confusion in obtaining essential information.

Multistep Form

To streamline the request submission process, we developed an intuitive multistep form. This user-friendly platform collects necessary information in a structured format, empowering Ambacia to promptly address client needs.
Ambacia Services Page

SEO Optimization

By infusing the website with relevant keywords and high-quality content, we ensured Ambacia’s visibility in search engine results. This strategic optimization enhances their online presence and attracts organic traffic.

404 Page

Even error pages were an opportunity for engagement. We turned those pesky 404s into a quirky experience, because why not have a little fun?
Ambacia 404 Page


The website now serves as a powerful tool for attracting clients and candidates alike, while also fostering a sense of community through the employee-driven blog. It’s not just a list of services; it’s a digital reflection of who they are as a company. With enhanced SEO and streamlined user experience, Ambacia is offering unparalleled solutions to both clients and job seekers.

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