September 2022 – December 2022

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Gyms4you is the largest gym chain in Croatia, with multiple locations in five cities: Zagreb, Zadar, Šibenik, Osijek, and Karlovac.

As a company dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle for the average person, Gyms4you sought to revamp their outdated website, which couldn’t keep up with their growing business. The goal was creating a modern, user-friendly website that showcases their services and provides comprehensive information for their users.

Gyms4you locations


The primary goal of the project was to address Gyms4you's outdate website and create a new platform that could accommodate their ongoing growth while promoting a healthy lifestyle for their target audience.

The goal was to redesign the website with a modern and user-friendly design, improving the overall user experience and providing easy access to key information.

Additionally, the project aimed to simplify the membership sign-up process and enable online booking for group training programs. Our objective was to create a visually appealing website that aligned with Gyms4you’s brand identity and offered convenient online services to their users.

Gyms4you project
Gyms4you Website Redesign Strategy


To achieve the project goals, our team planned the development process starting with site infrastructure and user experience.

 After creating wireframes that outlined the website’s structure, we proceeded to design a visually striking and intuitive interface that adhered to Gyms4you’s brand guidelines. The chosen design featured a dark theme with captivating red highlights, engaging the user’s attention.

To ensure a comprehensive and compelling user experience, our collaboration extended beyond design and development. In addition to creating a modern and user-friendly website, we partnered with our copywriting team to craft engaging and informative content.

Furthermore, our collaboration extended to video and photo production. Our production team worked closely with Gyms4you to create captivating visual elements that showcased their facilities, trainers, and the energetic atmosphere of their gyms. By combining powerful imagery with compelling copy, we successfully captured the essence of Gyms4you’s offerings and conveyed their unique value to potential members.

The key highlights and features of the website included:

Gyms4you website
Gyms4you Updated Visual Identity

Membership Highlight

The website prominently displayed the two most affordable membership options below the hero section video.

This section included a clear call-to-action (CTA) leading users to preview all available memberships and their prices.

Blog Section

A dedicated blog section was created, allowing users to explore news about the gyms, educational blog posts about working out, and entertaining content related to the gym and fitness. This section aimed to engage and inform users while promoting Gyms4you’s expertise in the fitness industry.

Interactive Map

We implemented an interactive map where users could pin a specific location, providing them with detailed information about that particular gym, including reception working hours, address, email, and phone number.

Homepage Membership Section

FAQ Section

To address common inquiries from users, we developed a comprehensive FAQ section organized by relevant topics.

This section provided helpful answers to frequently asked questions regarding memberships and the gym, ensuring users could easily find the information they needed.

Locations Subpage

 A dedicated subpage was created to showcase all Gyms4you locations.

Each location featured an image of the gym’s exterior, and upon hovering over it, users were presented with additional information. Clicking on a location directed users to a single page with detailed information about that specific gym and also images.

Homepage Benefits Section

News Subpage

The News subpage featured categorized content, including announcements, news updates, exercise tips, advice, and lifestyle articles. Additionally, a highlighted section was dedicated to short-term important news, such as temporary gym restrictions, ensuring users were promptly informed about any relevant changes. The section appears only when adding some short-term news and disappears in a time frame when it should be resolved.

Group Trainings

With the recent introduction of group training programs, we developed a subpage that explained Gyms4you's concept and showcased all available programs.

The subpage featured two buttons representing the two gyms offering group training. Clicking on a button guided users to a section where they could view all programs available at that specific gym, along with a table displaying program schedules. Each program had a CTA leading to the booking page, enabling users with active memberships to easily reserve their spot.

Homepage Gallery Section

Additional Subpages

The website included various other subpages, such as About Us, Free Consultations, Expansion, Careers, Coaches, and a My Page section.

The My Page section allows registered users to log in and access their previous entrances, memberships, bills, and personal information. Users could also download the Gyms4you app, which redirected them to the appropriate app store based on their device, providing an easy way to join the gym or book classes.

Personal Training Subpage


The result of this web project was a visually appealing and highly functional website that effectively showcased their gyms and services. 

By improving the user experience and incorporating modern design elements, Gyms4you was able to enhance their online presence and engage their target audience more effectively. The interactive map, comprehensive FAQ section, and user-friendly blog and news sections provided valuable information and resources to users.

The implementation of the group training subpage and streamlined booking process improved the user journey, making it easier for members to participate in classes. 
My Page section and the Gyms4you app added convenience for user, allowing them to manage their memberships and access important information fast.

Overall, the new website successfully positioned Gyms4you as a leader in the fitness industry while meeting the growing demands of their expanding customer base.

Gyms4you banner

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