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25.11.2023 – 25.4.2024.

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MF Certus, a force in elevator installation, sought to modernize its digital presence with a new website. As a trusted Schindler partner, the company’s commitment to excellence since 1994 has sparked the idea of expanding into solar energy installations and Tractel equipment delivery, positioning them as a key player in the industry.


MF Certus required a contemporary website to replace its existing one, prioritizing user experience and modern design.

The site needed to effectively showcase Certus’s new services, including solar power plants and Tractel equipment catalogs. Additionally, the design had to accommodate upcoming advertising efforts.


Modern Design with User Experience Focus

The company's motto, "Reaching Heights Since 1994," served as inspiration, and is now boldly featured in the hero section against an animated backdrop.

By leveraging the latest web design trends, the interface seamlessly guided visitors through the site, ensuring effortless exploration of MF Certus’s services. Visually striking elements were strategically integrated to captivate users, fostering engagement and prolonged interaction. From the homepage to individual service pages, every part of the design aimed to enhance user satisfaction and leave a lasting impression.

References to past projects and company information were strategically integrated throughout the site, maximizing impact and bolstering the company’s credibility. Through systematic content placement, the website effectively highlighted MF Certus’s expertise and track record, instilling confidence in visitors.

MF Certus website hero section

Service-specific Pages

Each service received its dedicated page, crafted to convey information relevant to the specialized offering. While adhering to a consistent template to keep the page coherent, these pages were uniquely structured to highlight the key features and benefits associated with each service. From elevator installations to solar power plants and Tractel equipment, the service-specific pages provided comprehensive insights, empowering visitors to make informed decisions and engage with MF Certus’s services effectively.

MF Certus website services section

Efficient Backend Management

Beneath the sleek user interface, there’s a backend system crafted for streamlined content management. An intuitive interface empowers administrators to quickly add and update references, ensuring the website dynamically reflects MF Certus’s ongoing growth and achievements.

Additionally, the backend facilitates seamless blog and news updates, enabling administrators to share significant events and company milestones, such as the 30th anniversary.
Administrators interface options

Career and Training Opportunities

The Careers page acts as a portal for potential employees, offering an open form for job inquiries and detailed listings of available positions. Moreover, the establishment of the MF Certus Technical Academy reinforces the company’s dedication to nurturing talent and promoting continuous development.

By highlighting career and training opportunities, the website positions MF Certus as more than just a service provider, but also as a supportive and forward-thinking employer committed to shaping the future of vertical mobility.

Multilingual Support

The website was developed in three languages – Croatian, English, and German. This multilingual support ensured visitors from different regions could access relevant information in their preferred language.


The launch of the new website marked a significant step forward for MF Certus by enhancing its digital presence and effectively communicating its services to a global audience. The modern design, intuitive navigation, and strategic content placement reflect the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation. With multilingual support and easy backend management, the website sets a solid foundation for future growth and success in reaching new heights.

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