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1.1.2022. – 1.7.2023.

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Brit, one of the Vafo Group pet food brand, specializes in crafting and manufacturing premium and superpremium food for pets. Their brand personality exudes a cheerful, approachable, and laid-back vibe, always prioritizing the utmost care for our furry friends. 

With the start of presence on Croatian social media channels, Brit's popularity has risen, reaching new heights with the help of our dedicated Brit Ambassadors.
Brand Ambassadors


The concept behind Brit Ambassadors stems from our desire to incorporate more user-generated content into Brit’s social media approach. As Brit’s delicious and nutritious food appeals to a diverse range of pets, we wanted to showcase their stories on our digital platforms.

The question arose: How to connect with different pets and pet parents without a usual route of paid influencer marketing? How can we make it more fun and creative?


Monthly Pet Brand Ambassadors - that was the answer which lead to a brainstorming sessions and planning.

Over the course of six months, we would host giveaway-style posts, inviting users to share their pets’ stories and what makes them truly special. At the end of each month, we would carefully select one lucky winner to become our Brand Ambassador for the upcoming month. To make their experience extra special, we would send them a generous package filled with a variety of Brit products and promotional materials. As Brand Ambassadors, they would proudly represent Brit across social media platforms throughout the month. All we asked from them were a few adorable photos to publish on Brit’s social media channels.

And that is exactly what happened.

Brit Brand Ambassador Acquisition Strategy
Brand strategy

Though the selection process was challenging, we reviewed numerous applications each month, ultimately choosing one ambassador to serve as the face of Brit not only on our social media but also on their own profiles. In the last month of the campaign, we decided to make a special exception by selecting two ambassadors. Our goal was to further showcase the diversity of amazing pets that exist all around us. These ambassadors were Frenkie, an adorable mixed breed, and Žuja, a three-legged sensation on social media.

Within 6 months, the Ambassador family grew and became very diverse.

Brit was professionally represented on Facebook and Instagram by Sven, Nick, Nori, Bart and Lisa, Frankie and Žuja! Together, they formed a dynamic team that showcased Brit in the most engaging and authentic way possible.

Examples of brand Ambassadors
Ambassador-generated Content
Brand strategy


During the 6-month duration of the campaign, an impressive total of 788 furballs eagerly applied to become Brit Ambassadors. The posts related to the Brit Ambassadors garnered significant attention, reaching approximately 200,000 users and capturing the engagement of 8,574 individuals. Furthermore, our ambassadors were showered with appreciation, receiving 15,530 likes on Instagram.

Users reached
Instagram Likes
The success of our ambassadors extended beyond Brit’s own social networks. They experienced growth in their own profiles, witnessing a substantial increase in both followers and engagement. They transformed into genuine influencers, capturing the hearts of their own audience alongside their role as Brit Ambassadors.

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