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22.11.2021. – 30.11.2021.

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WalliM is a successful Portuguese wallet brand of the new generation. Practicality, security, and style were the inspiration for the creators of these minimalist wallets.
They come in different colors, variants, and materials of real, synthetic, or vegan leather with the possibility of engraving initials. Currently, the main focus of marketing activities is the Portuguese market, but due to the success of advertising campaigns and great international interest, WalliM could very soon go beyond Portugal.


The primary goal of the campaign was to increase sales through the webshop through social networks (Facebook/Instagram) and Google Ads channels. The secondary goal was to collect as many leads as possible in the PRE-Black Friday period and use them in the main part of the campaign through newsletter and remarketing advertising.

PRE-Black Friday sale visual with discount


The Black Friday campaign was divided into two phases. In the first part of the campaign (PRE-Black Friday), the goal of advertising was lead generation and the collection of users for the newsletter and remarketing database for an exclusive Black Friday discount. The client created a landing page where users could sign up for PRE-Black Week access.

After the successful first part of the campaign, in the second phase (Black Friday Week), our focus was shifted towards the main goal – converting users who entered the remarketing base. The main channels for conversion campaigns were Facebook/Instagram and Google Ads.
First phase Facebook ads

Facebook and Instagram

Types of campaigns used were traffic campaigns and conversion-oriented campaigns (view product-placing in cart-initiating checkout-sale). We used lower-value conversions and traffic for a constant flow of new potential customers. We also used budget optimization and A/B/C interest testing and lookalike audience (users similar to those who made a purchase), while checkout initiation and sales were set on a remarketing base, and we excluded users who bought a product in the last 90 days.

The types of ads we used in advertising: video, slideshow, single ad, carousel, instant experience, catalog sales (with specially arranged placements, whether it's News Feed or Story).
Types of ads used in advertising

Google Ads

During the Black Friday Week campaign we used Search, Display, and Shopping campaigns. Search campaigns were based on group keywords: “carteira monimalista” (minimalist wallet), “porta cartőes homem” (card holder for men), etc. The keywords used in the campaign were the results of the research we did before lunching the campaign.

The campaign itself has been active in Portugal for a long time and is quite well optimized for conversions (initiation of checkout or purchase) and in combination with the “discount” – Promo extension always achieves good results.
Display campaigns were segmented into: 1 – only remarketing (users who performed important actions on the page, but did not buy) and 2 – a wider audience targeted according to the interests that have the highest conversion rate on the most famous Portuguese portals. We used shopping campaigns only for remarketing users who viewed products but did not buy in the last 90 days.

Top Conversion Paths

The paths that lead to sales (Google Analytics) prove that advertising through different channels was a complete hit because the following screenshots show how many channels individual users change before purchasing the product.
Google ads (REM) during the second phase
Top Conversion Paths


The outcome of the investment shows a total investment of €2,264, resulting in a total income of €50,277, yielding a return on investment (ROI) of 10X. The income generated this year amounted to €50,277, which is significantly higher than the income of €15,536 from the previous year, marking a 223% increase. Similarly, the number of transactions this year reached 1,341, a substantial increase from the 302 transactions recorded last year, representing a growth of 344%.
73% of all transactions came via Facebook/Instagram and Google Ads campaigns!
The sales channels breakdown reveals that there were 274 sales through the Google Ads channel, 594 sales via Social Media channels (Facebook/Instagram), and 114 sales through the Newsletter. Altogether, these channels contributed to a total of 982 sales through the campaign. A more detailed number of sales through channels is listed below:

During the Black Friday offer, we achieved a 223% increase in income through the webshop for a client from Portugal compared to last year, which resulted in an ROI of 10x.

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